How To Track Your Lunchbox Ideas With Teuko

If you are looking for an efficient way to boost your lunchbox inspiration, start with tracking what you are actually packing. It might seem time consuming at first, but it will help you be more efficient, creative and motivated over time. Good news is that Teuko makes it fast and easy to record what you pack for lunch. See how to proceed below, give it a try and enjoy tracking and sharing your lunchbox ideas with a supportive community of lunchbox moms and dads.

How to keep track of your lunchbox ideas in 2 steps

It may seems complicated but taking a picture of what you pack every day doesn’t take much time and it’s the only way to record and look back later on to what you’ve been actually packing. Useful tip: think about taking a square picture for better results. (more tips on how to take beautiful lunchbox pics in seconds in this blog post).

Once you have your pic, connect to Teuko to upload your lunchbox idea in a snap.

Step 1Take a Photo or Upload a picture from your Library

Step 2 Tag the main food items you used to better retrieve and reuse your ideas later. Teuko will help you get a better awareness of what you pack by showing which one of the 5 food groups are included in your food tags.

Add more details to better retrieve your ideas later.

Next 2 steps are totally optional but they are recommended in order to help you keep a better record over time.

Step 3 – You can add a Title and Notes with details and links you want to remember or show to other Teuko Friends.

Step 4 – Select a date Select a date for every lunchbox idea you’ve uploaded to send it to your personal calendar. This step is optional but it will allow you to go back to your history by week and date, make meal plans, edit grocery lists, and get foodie statistics!

Taking a picture of what you send to school is a terrific opportunity for you to make EVERY of your lunchbox counts. You put so much effort in finding what food to pack, make sure you can go back to it when missing ideas. Using Teuko you can edit every information submitted anytime, anywhere. So take your picture before leaving home. Then you will always find a minute during your day or the same week to upload what you’ve done!

See what our users say!

Ready to get started? Upload your latest lunchbox ideas today.

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