About Us

Jessica and Alexandra are two French moms who live in San Francisco and who prepare lunch boxes every day for their young kids. They met several times while volunteering at their kids’ school. But it was a pure coincidence when they met again and found out that they were both trying, separately, to pack healthy lunches their children would enjoy.

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Finding new ideas for what to pack in a child’s lunchbox is a tricky and sometimes painful process for busy parents. No matter your expertise or effort, the same problem presents itself every day.

What food should you pack? How do you pack a meal that’s healthy and delicious without expending too much time or effort? How do you come up with new ideas when you’re starved for inspiration?

A huge number of families must answer these questions every day, since half of the kids in America bring lunch boxes to school. When it’s time to pack lunch boxes, parents are looking for ideas, efficiency, and motivation. Yet, resources are all over the place.

Almost 3,000 lunch boxes later and inspired by 10 years in management of complex projects in tech, Alexandra and Jessica found their mission: bring technology into the daily lunch packing routine, saving parents’ time and leaving them inspired and motivated.

Teuko is building the online community for lunchbox makers. We believe that connecting and empowering busy families will boost creativity and motivation, for happier and healthier lunch boxes.

“Teuko” is a word invented by Jessica’s young daughter when she started to speak. In her innocent world, it meant “cute”, “good”, and also expressed satisfaction when learning something or succeeding in a task!

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