5 reasons to track and share your lunchbox ideas

If you pack lunch boxes, you must be familiar with that feeling that you have no more idea or that you are packing always the same thing. Here is a tip: track and share your lunchbox ideas! It might seem a little time consuming at first, but eventually, it will help you be more efficient, creative and motivated over time.

Here are 5 good reasons to track and share your lunchbox ideas with Teuko:

1- Know what you actually pack

Who actually remembers what was in the kids’ lunch boxes the day before or the week before? You may feel like you’re packing always the same things but is it true? I’ve been taking pictures everyday before packing, for almost a year now, and I remember very well my first takeaway: “ Wow, I did great that other day finally”,” Wow I’ve packed about 10 different lunches lately, not so bad”, or “Wow, I keep giving tomatoes over and over, maybe time to switch with another veggie?”. I was not doing as bad as I was thinking, and this made me feel so much better!

2- Set your own eating goals

As mentioned earlier, tracking helped me realize that I was giving the same veggie everyday whereas I could have easily switched with other veggies that my kids liked. Not rotating food options at all is the best way to prevent your kids from trying new things and expand their favorites. Tracking what I do is an effective way today to help me vary more the food I pack, playing with colors, textures… with whatever I have at hand, and without having to think much! Whether you set goals or not, it’s interesting to see how tracking makes you modify your habits over time anyway!


3- Mark and remember your kids’ favorites

Any lunchbox idea that your kids loved? Track it and you will be able to rate it as a favorite. This will allow you to go back to it when searching for inspiration. In our family, favorites are particularly useful when I am not home and my husband has to pack himself. No need for him to rack his brain, to call me, to run to the mall or to order for fast (junk) food. A simple check at our history and the kids’ favorites: he always finds visual inspirations among the kids favorites that he’s motivated to pack.

4- Inspire your friends

How often have you been asking friends around: “What do you give for lunch to your kids?”. “How do you have them eat veggies?”.“My daughter loved your kid’s lunch but she couldn’t tell me what it was”.
Wouldn’t it be helpful to share pictures between friends and being able to retrieve any idea easily? It can also help discover new ideas, new items, new ways to present a dish or package a dessert…

5- Go back to your History

On your way to grocery shopping? Planning to leave on a business trip and leaving your partner facing alone the lunchbox grind? Being able to go back to what you’ve done, to what you like to pack, to what your kids actually eat, is an efficient way to set up in a snap your grocery list. This allows you also to simply select 5 lunchbox ideas to share with who ever will take over the lunches while you are away.

There are lots of ways to share lunchbox ideas today, but if you think about it, none of them actually empowers us to collaborate like Teuko does. Teuko allows you to connect to other parents like you and make the most of every inspiration you go through. With Teuko, you can easily turn any idea into a lunchbox that your own kids will love.

Give it a try and tell us what you think.


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