How to win the lunchbox battle

Blog post originally published on August 3, 2017. By Alexandra.

It takes a lot of energy, of love and patience to raise good eaters. As parents we’re also frequently reminded how much responsibility we have into training our kids to make healthy choices on their own and for their own good. But it can be overwhelming to fit teaching good eating habits in our busy lives. Back-to-School and the lunchbox routine ready to strike back make it even more painful in most families. What if we tell you that you don’t have to stand alone anymore? Teuko and its community have your back to help you conquer the lunchbox grind this school year.

Teuko is an online community to help busy families like yours simplify lunchbox packing. Teuko is not only useful to find lunchbox ideas that are inspiring to you, but it is also useful to plan, track and share your own lunchbox ideas with the help of a standard eating pattern. Teuko also makes it easy to set up grocery lists to be more efficient when shopping and then packing. Getting options and the power of decision on the food to pack at any time is empowering and helps making lunchbox packing much easier and more fun.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.01.33 AM

Any picky eater around? We have you covered.
Teuko is a wonderful way to give your kids options. With Teuko, they can easily decide which food item they want to try out – selecting from little pictures of simple and real food items -, which shape or texture. You’re giving them the power of choice, which will make them more likely to try what you pack for them based on their suggestions.

So, if you are resolving to stay ahead of the lunchbox struggle this coming school year, make a shortcut to Teuko on your devices. If you ever feel uninspired when it’s lunchbox packing time, browse through the amazing all-packed lunchbox inspirations from other parents like you. Involve your children to pick out food inspiration they are interested to try out. Don’t forget to track your own ideas if you want to experience the power of sharing inspiration and motivation. Together we will make lunchbox packing so much easier!

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