Search Lunchbox Ideas by Food

Have you ever dreamed about being able to get lunchbox ideas matching your food preferences or the food items available in your house? We did. And that’s why we just released an improved Search Feature on Teuko!

Search Feature on

Search by Food Items. Filter on People.

The new Search Feature will allow you to search multiple food items to better match your preferences or availability in your house.

The Results of your search will display below.

The Filter will give you 3 options to narrow your search depending on if you want to browse ideas from the whole Teuko community [ALL], only the people you follow [MY FRIENDS], or even specific(s) friend(s) [Type his/her name(s)].

Are you ready to make the most of thousands of lunchbox ideas waiting for you on Start Searching on Teuko today. Enjoy browsing lunchbox ideas that fit the most your needs and your preferences!


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