Packing Lunch, Sending Love

Packing lunch is showing love. Every day with Teuko, we get to see first-hand about the love and the support you put in every lunchbox you send to school. You make the world a better place by helping your kids growing, learning, and by showing them the path towards better eating habits!

Packing lunch has no boundaries. Every day with Teuko, we are very proud to create the bridge between moms and dads from different countries and cultures. You share food inspiration and motivation, for a better lunch packing experience.

Today is our turn to send you love and celebrate our lunchbox community. Learn below from our members experience, embrace the diversity!

Look at these stories: Lindsay, Nisha, Emilie, Sabrina

Want more stories from the community? Read them all

We made a special appreciation card for you. Share it with friends and family to help us spread the #TeukoLove.


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