Sabrina, packing for healthier lunches

Sabrina lives in Germany, near Stuttgart. She started to pack lunch 6 years ago for her husband and herself. Today she mostly packs for her kids, a 3 1/2 y.o. son and a 1 1/2 y.o. daughter. Sabrina just returned to work but she keeps packing because it’s important for her that her kids get a balanced and varied meal.

Tell us about your lunchbox routine

Stay-at-home mom, I use to pack the boxes in the morning and often baked fresh pancakes, waffles or other things. Today I am back to work and I have to bring the children to kindergarten quite early, so there is no time left to fill the boxes in the morning. Therefore, I have now started to fill the boxes in the evening. Often I ask my kids what they would like to have in the box.

Bentos are definitely healthier and cheaper than buying ready to eat food. That‘s why I love Bento.

How is Teuko useful to you?

Having a weekly overview of the boxes is great, also to see if I packed all food groups. I like to browse through the pictures of the other members and search for inspiration. I also really enjoyed the Challenges last fall, and I am looking forward for the next one!

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How do you make it work on the long run?

My trick is batch cooking. I like to have things available in my freezer like waffles, pancakes, muffins, bread rolls, raw bites and granola bars.

Every 4-6 weeks I stand in the kitchen for a day and bake (often together with the children) everything possible to have it in stock in the freezer. So I always have a great selection of treats in the house and thaw them only briefly in the oven. It saves a lot of time and makes packing easier.

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Any favorite lunchbox items to share?

I have no real favorites because I love the variety in packing. Round boxes, sometimes square, sometimes flat then high again. And with accessories, I always try to stay on the box theme, if there is one. But what should not be missing are silicone molds and foodpicks (vehicles, eyes and leaves probably the most common). In term of container, the round Ninja Kokeshi box and the Yumbox are the one my son likes the most.

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