Tag Your Favorite Lunchbox Gear

What box is this? Is that lunch bag compatible? What bottle do you use? A great lunchbox idea would not be complete without all the accessories used for packing and sending it to school. That’s why we just released a feature allowing you to get all the answers in one click!

Getting the right accessories is an important part to the efficiency while packing. It also plays a significant part in the kids’ experience during lunch – we all have heard stories about the leaking bottle, boxes hard to open…

A mom asking what lunchbox container Jessica used for packing her kids’ lunches.

Our mission at Teuko is to help you get all the resources needed in one place to make lunch packing easier. We had to address this issue and help you share your feedback regarding the lunchbox items you liked the most.

That’s why Teuko just released a new feature that allows you to tag and share your favorite lunchbox items.

How it works?

On Teuko.com, you can now update your Preferences in the Settings of your Profile and tag lunchbox items that simplify your daily routine.

The list of items available comes from the Teuko Boutique where we’ve already been sharing a selection of lunch containers, lunch bags, bottles, ice packs, napkins, cutlery, and more. We are updating the Boutique regularly based on your feedback, so don’t hesitate to write to us if one of your favorite items is missing.

New Tagging Feature in the User Settings .

You will retrieve the updated information on the Profiles of every Teuko Friends. Click on the links, and a pop-up will reveal you the lunchbox gear they use! And with just a click, you can see more information and shop it too 😉

Visit Jessica’s Profile. See her favorite lunchbox items.

Start sharing your favorite gear today. It’s simple: just update your Preferences in your Settings! It will inspire other moms and dads to make lunch packing easier and more fun!


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