Kid-Friendly Packing Tips To Encourage Kids Eat Their School Lunch

5 Tips For Packing Lunch For Kindergarten (and Picky Eaters)

When sending off to school your child for the first time, or when dealing with a picky eater, you can rely on simple tricks to encourage your kids to eat and finish their lunch. This is an important step to keep your little ones energized and fuelled throughout the day. These strategies will also make lunch preparation a better experience every year after. So, how to make lunchtime a positive experience for everyone?

1. Pack food you know they love.

Every kid has food preferences. Even though we encourage introducing new foods regularly, lunchtime may not be the best time during the day to make experiments. Lunchtime is a short period when you get the opportunity to fuel your kids so that they can enjoy and benefit from their long days in the classroom and outside the classroom.

2. Separate the food ingredients.

Your kids may still be learning to like foods all mixed up. In that case, use small containers or silicone cups to separate the food ingredients and let your kids do the mix themselves. A lunchbox with separate compartments is a must-have for younger kids. > Samples of lunch boxes with compartments.

3. Small bites.

Small bites and finger foods are always easier for little hands, or very busy kids who can’t wait to go and play with their friends rather than spend time having lunch. The portions depend on your child’s age, preference, meal, time of the day, etc. A lot of lunch accessories are meant to help you cut faster, and even make cute shapes in no time. Young kids love food picks and parents do too as it’s one of the best options (effortless) to add a fun theme to any lunch. > Samples of food cutters and cute food picks.

4. Keep the sauce on the side.

Keeping the sauce or dip on the side is always a great idea to let the option to your child taste first and dip if preferred. Kids love dressings, and it is powerful to get kids who “don’t like vegetables” to give them a try. > Samples of small condiments containers.

5. Involve your kids in the preparation.

Let them choose the shape of the pasta, make the vinaigrette, or simply pick 2-3 ingredients they want in their salad. The good news is that there are many strategies that you can use to encourage kids to eat their school lunch, starting with putting them in charge of the lunchbox. > View and download our FREE Printable made by the Fly Little Dragon parenting experts.

The homemade lunch you send at school can be a useful source of comfort for your little ones. Take the opportunity of packing a lunch to send some love by writing a note or sending easy, quick-to-make lunch ideas that the kids will love to eat.

How useful was this article? Read the Blog for more tips to encourage your kids to eat their lunch. If you are new to lunch packing, ask for your free copy of the Teuko eBook to review the basics of lunch packing and ensure that you set your family ready to enjoy lunchtime. You can also get a good sense of what food to pack and which accessories to use by exploring You’ll find kid-approved lunchbox ideas from moms and dads sharing their lunches to help you get inspired.

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