How To Make a Vinaigrette in 3 Easy Steps

A few reasons why you should try to make your own vinaigrette

First, if you want to reduce food waste, then, making a tiny amount of vinaigrette in a jiffy is what you’re looking for.
Of course, you can directly buy vinaigrette at your grocery store. But beware of all the additive ingredients put in the bottle.
Also, this will cost you more money than making your own vinaigrette using these few simple ingredients.
The famous French-born American chef, author, culinary educator, and television personality, Jacques Pépin, even says that it is “a very easy and inexpensive way to have salad dressing, or vinaigrette, on hand all the time”! If he says so, you have to believe it!

Ingredients for the vinaigrette recipe


Step 1 – In a small bowl, add the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and mustard.
Step 2 – Add the salt, and, optionally, pepper and honey.
Step 3 – Mix well, serve, and enjoy with any salad or raw veggies!

What kids can eat with a vinaigrette?

Here is a short sample of foodie ideas with vinaigrette we picked among these French school lunch menus:

French school lunch menu May 7 2021 with grated carrots and vinaigrette
French school lunch menu with romaine salad (or batavia salad) and vinaigrette
French School lunch menu with a pasta salad made with pasta, tomatoes, and black olives, and with vinaigrette.

If you look at these school menus from May 2021, you’ll see that children were served differents foods with a vinaigrette: organic grated carrots, a salad (romaine salad, or Batavia salad), a pasta salad (made out of pasta, tomatoes, and black olives), corn kernels and black olives. Are you looking for more ideas of food to combine with a vinaigrette? See what other parents have been giving to their kids by exploring all the ideas that they have shared with you on

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