How to make food flowers

5 Smart Ways To Make Flowers Bloom In Your Kids’ Lunchbox

Fun food will always make it easier for your kids to eat their lunch. Brighten up your next kids’ lunchboxes or snacks with one of the smart flower food ideas we hand-picked for you. We have everything from vegetable flower bouquets to apple roses, without forgetting about ham flowers. These hacks are not for the lunchbox only of course. Enjoy them any time of the year with your family and friends.

1. Vegetable Flower Bouquet

The best hack to get the kids to eat and love crudites! All you need here is a knife or cute cookie cutter with a flower shape, and a vinaigrette or any other favorite dressing of your child. Thank you Fork And Beans for the fun recipe idea!

Photos by Fork And Beans

2. Tomato Tulips

What flower do you think first when thinking about springtime? Tulips! Cherry tomato tulips are the perfect appetizer idea for the lunchbox as you can use here all the kids’ favorite food: cherry tomatoes, and cream cheese. Use a mix of yellow and red tomatoes for an even more colorful composition. Get the recipe for Cherry Tomato Tulips With Whipped Feta Filling by onelittleproject.

Photos by onelittleproject

3. Ham Flower

Maybe one of the most popular hacks. The Ham Flower is impressive when you see it, and yet so easy to make. You only need a knife and ham. Check out the ham flower easy step by step we tried and tested for you.

Photo by Anna Yamamoto. Original post on

4. Strawberry Flowers

Will you give a try to strawberry roses or strawberry tulips? The strawberry rose is a 1 ingredient recipe requiring simple cutting skills to create petals one after the other. The strawberry tulips will require 4 ingredients and about 20 min prep. (cream cheese, powdered sugar, sour cream, fresh strawberries). See how to make easy strawberry roses from start to finish, a tutorial by our Teuko Friend @Making_lunches_fun.

Photos by Betty Crocker Kitchens, and FlorenceYun on 

5. Rolled Up Fruit and Veggies

This hack has been replacing the strawberry rose in most of the kids’ lunch boxes lately and we understand why. It’s easy to rollup food and you can twist the recipe with any fruit or vegetable available. You’ve certainly already noticed avocado rose and apple rose tarts in the lunch boxes on Enjoy also the beautiful Zucchini and Carrots Rose Tart by Buona Pappa.

Photos: Apple Rose by Pepperidgefarm, Zucchini and Carrots Rose Tart by Buona Pappa.

How do you like these fun food ideas? Not in a mood to create a piece of art for your kid’s lunchbox? Don’t miss out on the flower-themed food and lunch accessories in the Teuko Amazon Store. Flower-shaped pasta, food cutters, food picks, we have all you need to introduce a festive spring vibe in your kids’ lunchbox the easy way.

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