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Design Colorful Kids’ Lunches With Aida

Aida, @ArtInLunchbox, is a mother of two amazing children. She is packing colorful lunch boxes for her kindergartener, Artin, in the United States. Aida’s playful lunches are always featured alongside a spoon saying “MADE WITH LOVE”. Every family can have its style, its preferences, but whatever lunch we send to school, it’s love in the lunchbox, no doubt.

Aida joined the Teuko community recently, giving all of us the ability to explore her lunch ideas by food, theme, date, or accessory. Get to know this creative mom behind @ArtInLunchbox.

Design colorful kids' lunches with Aida @ArtInLunchbox
Aida’s Profile on

The Routine of a Creative Lunchbox Mom

Aida is an artist who draws sketches every evening of the lunchbox she wants to make the next day. She gets her inspiration from special days, holidays, and cultural events like Christmas, Yalda, and Halloween.

In the morning, she wakes up early to get all the time she needs to prepare the lunchbox and record a video of the process at the same time. All the editing and the sharing with friends on social media is done then in the morning, while Artin is at school. 

How She Keeps It Fun Every Day

I find satisfaction in creating something new and fun with simple ingredients and making some stop motion with my favorite music.

Artin’s joy and laughter is the strongest motivation to keep packing fun lunches!

Aida, @ArtInLunchbox

Favorite Accessories

Design colorful kids' lunches with Aida @ArtInLunchbox

I  like Omie lunchboxes very much because they are colorful and have an insulated container to keep food warm.

Design colorful kids' lunches with Aida @ArtInLunchbox

I like Planetbox containers also. They are thin and lightweight. They allow designing various lunches and offer easy customization with different magnets.

In terms of other accessories, I love all kinds of picks and small containers of different shapes.

BONUS – Artin’s Favorite Lunch Idea

Spring Themed lunchbox Idea by Aida @ArtInLunchbox via
This Spring theme lunchbox has been one of Artin’s favorites so far.
View Reel on Instagram.

Are you ready to transform your lunchbox experience? Join Aida today, create your free account on and get weekly ideas and tips from our amazing community around the world!

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