6 Creative Easter Eggs Ideas For The Lunchbox

6 Creative Easter Egg Ideas For The Lunchbox

Easter is a wonderful time for fun recipes and crafts. An easy way to celebrate and bring the festivities to the lunchbox is by upgrading your traditional hard-boiled egg. Explore Teuko.com and filter the kid-approved lunch ideas with the theme “Easter”, and the food “Eggs”, you’ll find the inspiration you need to be creative and fast this year! Have a look at some of the brilliant easter egg ideas that we hand-picked for you.

1-Shaped Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you never tried, you absolutely need to shop for egg molds. They come in many shapes for every occasion of the year, and they make it so fast and easy to add some fun and personalization to your kid’s lunchbox.

2- Decorated Hard-Boiled Eggs

It doesn’t take long to turn your classic hard-boiled egg into adorable little bunnies or chicks. See how @pinterest_mom_wannabe has been using a carrot and cucumber to make a cute bunny appear in the lunchbox. You can always buy or print Easter rabbit ears

3- Colored Hard-Boiled Eggs

Tie-dye, bunny ears, carrot eggs… the creativity has no limit when you get edible coloring pens. Why not simply write silly Easter puns? No need in any case for dyeing and crafting specific skills.

4- Scrambled Chick Eggs

How brilliant is this idea? If you look at it, all you need here is a seaweed punch to make these tiny cute chicks. A cute face is so easily punched out. A must-try to create all kinds of interesting expressions on your regular food.

5- Carved Chick Eggs

Many of you have had a chance to carve and create little chicks while participating in one of our cooking challenges. The trick? Use a straw to make nice circles while carving your hard-boiled egg. Make the face expression with seaweed, pepper, or an edible pen.

6- The Easter Nest

The most creative among you will love this concept of Easter Nest. Simply combine chicks eggs of your creation, with spaghetti or a layer of salad, and your nest is ready!

How do you like these ideas? Thank you for all the fun and creative ideas already on Teuko.com. Keep tracking what you pack for lunch, you are inspiring and motivating lunchbox moms and dads around the world!

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