Stylish eco-friendly lunch accessories for kids

Stylish Eco-Friendly Lunch Accessories For Kids

From lunch boxes to kitchen storage containers, plastic is everywhere in our daily lifestyle and we don’t always realize how some of the chemicals contained in plastic can silently impact our family’s health or the environment. Reducing the use of plastic implies swapping progressively these materials for those that have a greater impact. The good news is that a lot of companies are launching new products every year with the planet, kids, and busy moms in mind.

What’s new on the market? Here is a selection of stylish and eco-friendly lunch accessories for kids that really caught our eye recently.

Colorful Food Storage

Sustainable and Kid-Friendly Food Storage by Wean Green
Glassware By Wean Green
Sustainable and Kid-Friendly Food Storage by Lille Home
Stainless Steel by Lille Home
Sustainable and Kid-Friendly Food Storage by Stasher
Silicon bags by Stasher

Glassware is back in our kitchen thanks to the joyful Wean Green collection. The colorful lids make it so easier and so much fun to organize your freezer. These tempered glass food containers are sturdy enough for the kids to even take them to school when a microwave is available. Totally kid-approved! Use code Teuko20 to get 20% off their website.

If you like multi-function containers, check out the latest collection of Lille Home Stainless Steel Food Containers. These bento lunch boxes have a transparent lid that makes it easy to store and organize your leftovers. These colorful containers with an anti-slip exterior make them also great for the kids’ lunch at school.

If you don’t feel like doing without storage bags yet, consider reusable and long-lasting silicone products. Stasher bags and bowls are great to save and freeze any leftover food, including broth! Made of pure platinum food-grade silicone, these multitasking bags are safe to cook in, from the microwave to the oven. They’re also great for sous vide. 

Stainless Steel Bento Boxes

Sustainable Kid-Friendly Bento Boxes by Yumbox
NEW! Yumbox Presto
Sustainable Kid-Friendly Bento Boxes by Kiddy Planet
Just Launched! Kiddy Planet
Sustainable Kid-Friendly Bento Boxes by Lille Home
3-Compartment Bento by Lille Home

A new and very popular bento box this year is the Yumbox Presto. This leakproof and stainless steel bento has been designed for kids and adults. Parents love the 5-compartments stainless steel tray that makes it easy to pack a nutritious lunch on the go. 

Come and check the brand new Kiddy Planet Stainless Steel Bento Box. Leak-proof with lock clips and a removable silicone seal, it will keep your food fresh and safe. Easy to use for kids of all ages. Choose between a 5-compartment or 2-compartment stainless steel tray. Use code Teuko to get 15% off your order (this offer is valid for the entire website, including discounted items)

Lille Home has a wide collection of stainless steel bento lunch containers. Their colorful insulated containers are a hit in our house. Lille Home also offers 18oz stainless steel 3-compartment Bento lunch boxes fun and easy to open for little ones.

Reusable Lunch Accessories

Reusable Kid-Friendly Lunch Accessories by monbento
Reusable cutlery set
by monbento
Sustainable and Kid-Friendly Lunch Accessories by The Pinwheelers
Snack Containers
by The Pinwheelers
Sustainable and Kid-Friendly Bee's Wrap Lunch Pack by Bee's Wrap
Reusable Bee’s Wrap Lunch Pack
by Bee’s Wrap

An easy step to take in order to reduce plastic use is to invest in reusable cutlery. You can get many lovely ones for kids. We like the case that comes with the cute and modern design from monbento cutlery set. Designed in France, monbento is available worldwide.

They are not new, but their fun snack containers are by far one of our kids’ favorite so far. We use the Stackable Duo by The Pinwheelers for small snacks or condiments. The cute and insulated storage bag makes it so easier to keep any snack safe on the go. 

Swap single-use plastic for reusable wraps and minimize waste one sandwich at a time. We love the cute Bee’s Wrap sandwich wraps with a bee button and string to wrap your lunch or seconds. Your kids not only get a wrap but a placemat to eat their sandwich for a crumb-free cleanup.

How do you like these eco-friendly options? Are you ready for some swaps in your kitchen? This said, being eco-friendly doesn’t mean that you have to ditch all the plastic in your house right away. Use whatever plastic container you have as long as it’s in a good condition. Just keep in mind to not poor hot food or reheat your leftovers in a plastic container. This will always be the better option for the Planet!

Disclaimer – This blog post has affiliate links and sponsored content. We may get a small share from the revenues. Helping other brands spread the word about their product, especially when we tried and liked them, is a way to maintain free of use. Any questions? Contact us at


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