The Top 5 Reasons to Move to the South

When looking at the best things about the south, the hardest part is narrowing it down to only the top choices. That’s how good it is here. If you’re born and raised in the south, that’s no surprise to you.

If you’ve spent all your life in New England or out west, you might not really get why some folks can’t stop talking about how good life is in the south. Since you are here, you might be the curious type and if that sounds like you, here’s a few things to learn as to why everyone is moving down south.

The Weather

If you are someone that’s done with snow and long, harsh winters, most anywhere in the south is going to be perfect for you. The summer might be a little more intense than what you’re used to, but when those muggy days come, think about how that means a more mild winter and you’ll be glad you moved out there.

The Friendliness

Just like how you won’t miss the snow, you are sure you aren’t going to miss how cold some of the people might have been up north. Take New York City or Boston, you stop and talk to someone, and odds are they are going to be so bothered.

In the south however, when you do something as simple as asking a cashier how their day is going, make sure you don’t have anywhere to be because they’ll actually stop to tell you how things are.

The Stunning Architecture

This is going to be true about a lot of the places in the eastern half of the United States, but there sure is something special about the southern half of this part of the country. Going back to the much earlier days of the US, things were simply built with a little more care and that still shows today.

Unsure what southern charm might look like? Find some pictures online somewhere like Savannah’s downtown or maybe check out Charleston houses for sale and see the beauty that still stands today

The Affordability

When comparing the south to the north or the west, you’ll fall out of your seat when you see how far your dollar is willing to take you. All the value shouldn’t scare you away, it’s just how things are here. For a lot of areas throughout the south, things simply aren’t as developed and open space often translates into more for your dollar.

The Food

How could anyone talk about the reasons to move down south and not mention the food? There’s going to be some much deliciousness for you to discover no matter where in the south you find yourself moving to. 

From amazing barbeque to collard greens, and a breakfast like you wouldn’t believe, whatever you are in the mood for on any particular day, finding a southern spin on it is sure to leave a smile on your face long after the meal is gone from your plate.


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