Top 3 Ready-to-Go Squeezable Applesauce and other Fruits & Veggies Sauces for Kids' Lunches & Snacks

Top 3 Ready-to-Go Squeezable Applesauce and other Fruits & Veggies Sauces for Kids’ Lunches & Snacks

Our ancestors used to pick delicious fruits and cooked delicious jams and sauces in summer. They put these in jars that they would open when the first chills of winter were coming and fresh fruits were not available any longer.

Fruit sauces are now easily available all year. It’s easy to prepare a fruit sauce (try our easy and yummy Cranberries-Applesauce recipe) and there is the possibility to fill empty reusable pouches with your homemade delicious fruit sauce.

Weesprout, …
Simple Modern, …
… and Squooshi

… reusable fruit sauce containers are a hit among parents! But when the time is scarce, families with children active at school and at extracurricular activities often vote for ready-to-go squeezable fruit sauces because of the easiness to grab and eat this additional amount of fruits in no time (and no mess).

Let’s discover the top 3 squeezable applesauce and other fruits (and veggies) sauces for your kid’s lunchbox and snacks!

1. Gogo squeeZ, the favorite of the Teuko Families

Each squeezable Gogo squeeZ pouch is a real mix of nutritious and yummy ingredients to fuel your kids’ day!

Apple-Apple, Apple-Berry, Apple-Banana, Apple-Strawberry, Apple-Cinnamon, Rad Raspberry & Playful Pear… Families of our Teuko community love the choice of taste offered by this brand!

Our friend @Maitremily in Vancouver shared her kids’ lunch with us on she packed a hot lunch, with potato gnocchi in the insulated jar, an avocado salad on the side, cheese, and for dessert, she included an organic Gogo squeeZ banana sauce.
Another Teuko friend, @Pinterest_mom_wannabe, shared a wonderful Pac-Man-themed lunch idea. She added an Apple-Strawberry Gogo squeeZ sauce for dessert or for snack time.
@OphelieinSF packed a grilled cheese sandwich with strawberry yogurt, a banana, and homemade chocolate donuts for her kid’s lunch. She added an AppleApple Gogo squeeZ pouch for snack… and we noted the special Halloween design on it! So fun!

2. Mott’s, another A-list squeezable applesauce

Mott’s is a brand pretty well-known among lunch packing families for their fruit sauce cups. But they also have squeezable pouches! The designs on the pouches are pretty friendly, with the fruit having funny googly eyes. And we love to see the product as the pouches are clear!

The lunchbox dad @steve packed pizza with ham, carrot sticks, a Babybel cheese, and, for dessert, a Mott’s applesauce with a madeleine cookie.
@Metchosinmomsmenu packed a lunch for her kid with a sandwich, popcorn, slices of cucumber, skewers of blueberries, a mandarin, and she added a Fruitsations peach, apple, and carrot sauce from Mott’s.

3. The Trader Joe’s Fruit Crushers

You don’t have any Trader Joe’s stores in your area? Don’t panic! These fruit sauce pouches are so popular that you can now easily find them on Amazon! Apple, banana, strawberry, carrot, and mango… you have one flavor for each day of the week at school!

Bonus! The Other Fruits & Veggies Sauces Spotted in Teuko

And @Parkfamilylunchbox shared a pasta salad, sweet potato chips, and a Kirkland organic fruit & vegetable pouch, a sauce made from apple, strawberry, and yellow carrot!

What are the fruit & veggie sauces that your kid already like? Which one would they try next (or first)? Show us what you do by uploading a photo on!

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