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Plant-Based Lunch Ideas Kids Love

Meet Heather, a.k.a @momztries on Teuko, a mom of 2 living in Vancouver in Canada. Heather just celebrated 1 year with our community and has been documenting already about 200 nutritious plant-based lunchbox ideas. Congratulation on this impressive lunchbox diary! In this post, Heather is telling you more about her lunchbox journey and all the secrets behind her very colorful plant-based packed lunches. 

@momztries plant-based lunch ideas for kids on
Explore @momztries lunchbox diary on

Heather’s winning lunchbox routine

Finding food that meets her kids’ preferences can add a challenge, so by packing their lunches Heather ensures that they have a variety to eat. On weekdays, Heather leaves the house super early, so the best time she found to pack lunches is in the evening, preferably while making dinner and cleaning up in the evening.

Want to make the packing experience more enjoyable? Here are 2 tricks for you:

1- Involve the kids in packing their lunches.
2- Rely on leftovers.

How Teuko improves @Momztries lunch packing experience.

How to pack a nutritious plant-based lunchbox for the kids?

Packing plant-based lunches imply avoiding animal products while still ensuring they get the nutrients and vitamins they need. We asked Heather for her tips to pack delicious plant-based lunch ideas with enough nutrition to help her kids through the day.

I try to ensure there is some source of fat and protein in lunches as those can be something that can be easily forgotten, especially fat as it is so important for kids who eat plant-based lunches! As much as I try, I also remind myself that not everything needs to be in every meal. There are other opportunities to get the nutrients that may be missing in one meal. I also always include at least a fruit and veggies as well to help keep balance (plus added color!)

Favorite plant-based food ideas for the kids’ lunchbox

One of my favorite things to pack is bean-based pasta. The kiddos love pasta and I like knowing they get a good protein source from the beans. I usually use oil over the pasta so ensure the good fat in there as well!
Nuts and seeds are great sources of oils and proteins too. Nut and seed butter are a must-have!  My kiddos go to peanut and nut-free facilities so seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, and hemp hearts are my usual go-to.
I usually have tofu around so that if I cannot think of anything, and don’t have leftovers, adding fun-shaped tofu is a go-to.
Adding hummus to veggies is also a quick and well-received addition. 

Heather’s Favorite Lunchbox Accessories

I love to use my Planetbox Rover and fun food picks.

Visit Heather’s lunchbox diary on Teuko, you’ll find new plant-based food inspiration for your next lunches!

Valentine's Day Lunch - "My kids really liked the pink rice and the chocolate Strawberries!". Heather - @momztries
Valentine’s Day Lunch – “My kids really liked the pink rice and the chocolate Strawberries!”. Heather – @momztries

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