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Chilaquiles, tacos, or huevos rancheros may be the most well-known Mexican dishes. But our Teuko Kids discovered many other wonderful flavors during a trip to Mexico, in the sunny state of Quintana Roo, the lands of jungle and cenotes. Join us for this mouth-watering culinary discovery! You’ll find here new inspiration to travel the world from your kitchen.

11 Flavorful Mexican Appetizers

Young boy enjoying Mexican appetizers
a plate containing samples of amazing, and also surprising, Mexican appetizers

The exquisite feast our Teuko Kids could enjoy started with a plate containing samples of amazing, and also surprising, appetizers:

  • Vallarta ceviche, which was the pink-orange shrimp paste at the bottom right of their plate
  • Guacamole, the most famous avocado spread in the world, is easily recognizable with its brilliant green color.
  • Black bean dip, that pairs very well with corn tortillas chips.
  • Pico de Gallo, also known as salsa Fresca, is a mix of finely chopped tomatoes, onion, and peppers, with lemon juice, salt, and cilantro.
  • Huitlacoche, the black little ball on top of the sweet corn purée. We’ve learned that it’s a corn fungus. This corn mushroom, which grows on organic corn, is rare, and is considered a Mexican truffle!
  • Quesillo, the white Oaxaca cheese, that looked like a butter shaped like a ball and that tasted like mozzarella.
  • Small dried crunchy fishes – our Teuko Kid said it was like eating super salty chips.
  • Chicharrónes, which look like puffed chips but are in fact fried pork rinds!
  • And the most surprising one, Chapulines! Fried crickets! Our Teuko Kids tried one but, honestly, it was not their favorite appetizer!

6 Delicious Authentic Mexican Dishes

a sample of six Mexican dishes

The second course with a sample of six Mexican dishes came with the music of the mariachi:

  • Camarones al tamarindo (top left), which are fried shrimps in tamarind sauce. It tasted very sweet and were surprised how similar that dish was as it had similar flavors to the ones we can have in some Asian dishes.
  • The next one, with the orange color, is Mayan food, from Yucatan. It’s Lomito de Valladolid: pork, with tomato sauce.
  • Then (top right), the fajita mix (“Fajita de Carne de Reyes”), with beef, bell peppers, onion, a little bit of bacon, and fajita seasoning.
  • Tikin xic fish (bottom left), is a daurade fish Mayan specialty from Islas Mujeres, cooked with orange juice, onions, and adobo de achiote, an ancestral Mayan formula made with original annatto seeds and other spices.
  • Chicken Mole (bottom center). Different kinds of mole exist, but this mole used to accompany the chicken, this brown sauce, is “Mole Poblano“. This sauce has a tiny bit of chocolate in it but doesn’t taste it at all, and is mildly spicy. It also has sugar, peanuts, cinnamon, and bananas!
  • The orange meat at the bottom right accompanied by the red onions is a pork specialty named “Cochinita Pibil“.

These six authentic dishes were served with rice, salsa verde (the green sauce), and salsa Roja (the red super spicy sauce that lets your mouth on fire!).

9 Sweet Mexican Treats for Dessert

The favorite part of the feast for the Teuko Kids!

A teenager enjoying Mexican treats for dessert
9 Mexican treats / candies

In a square plate, divided into 9 sections, we had:

  • Las Sevillanas mini caramel wafers (top left of the plate). The caramel has this little special thing: it is made with goat milk!
  • An amaranth bar, which is like a granola bar but made with amaranth, a grain that has the same texture as popped quinoa but is even tinier.
  • A gummy candy made with nuts and milk (top right)
  • The white bar (on the left, middle row) is a coconut paste candy: Dulce de Coco.
  • Flan de Elote, which is Corn flan (at the center of the plate). That flan was the Teuko Kids’ favorite treat!
  • The red and white candy (on the right, middle row), also a super sweet one, is… a pumpkin seeds candy! We’re not sure anymore about the name… it was something like “amosillo de pepitas de calabaza”
  • Oaxaca milled Chocolate, with cinnamon (bottom left)
  • Honey candy with sesame seeds (bottom center)
  • And a delicious nut candy made with goat milk (bottom right, wrapped in the red paper)

Which Mexican food idea are you ready to try? See how to assemble these ingredients in a lunchbox by searching Teuko, and don’t forget to track and share what you pack(use the Theme Tag “Mexican Cuisine”).

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