Kids can’t wait for lunch with Inga!

The lunchbox community is strong in Canada! Meet with Inga, aka Kidscantwaitforlunch on Inga lives in Montreal, and she packs lunch for her two children, 9yo and 13yo.
Inga was one of the amazing moms of the Teuko Community who invited us recently to travel the world with her lunch boxes featuring Lebanon, Canada, Haiti, Egypt… we were in awe of her lunchbox creativity!

Hi Inga! We’re very happy to introduce you to our community today. First things first, we’re curious… how did you hear about Teuko? And what do you like most about Teuko so far?

I discovered Teuko in a Facebook group. I like Teuko to share my passion for lunchbox creations and also get inspiration. I like the variety of lunch ideas that are available to you on

When it comes to making my kids lunches, it has to be nutritious, fun, colorful & delicious! I’m fascinated with all the different foods of the world, would love to discover them all! What a beautiful gift to your family, to discover, to learn as much as possible about nutrition, to taste, to create these delicious healthy habits…a gift of a lifetime! You’re going to eat your whole life, why not have fun with it! 

Awesome, we’re happy Teuko brings you inspiration and fun! Any organization tips to share with us? How do you make it work every day in your busy schedule?

What works for us is always having homemade baked goodies in the freezer ready to go. As far as the main item of the lunch box if it’s a sandwich or leftover for the Thermos, when making supper, I always have 2-3 extra portions saved up. If it’s a fun lunch with cute shapes, I come up with an idea the night before and draw it out so I have a plan.

Any other secret you would like to share with us?

My favorite lunchbox hack is underlining each compartment with a piece of Swedish cloth. It absorbs the extra moisture and everything stays nice and fresh, no one likes a soggy sandwich.

Also, if you have a picky eater in your family, get them involved. Bring them to the grocery store, have them pick different fruits and vegetables, try them in every possible way. They might not like a certain steamed vegetable but they love it if it’s roasted. Never forceful, keep offering, you never know when they’ll surprise you!

Kids tend to eat better their lunches when it’s nice and fresh indeed! Last question: do you have any favorite accessories?

Cutters! Vegetable and fruit fun shape cutters but also any and every cookie cutters out there! And for the bento lunch boxes, we’ve tried every lunchbox out there, but Planetbox, Yumbox, My Munchbox and Kiddy Planet are our favorites at the moment!

Kids bento lunchbox ideas shared by Inga, Canadian mom of two, on the online community for parents who pack lunch. Unicorns, butterflies, and spring celebration!
Kids bento lunchbox ideas shared by Inga, Canadian mom of two, on the online community for parents who pack lunch Cactus food picks. Summer celebration.

Thank you, Inga, for sharing your lunchbox ideas and tips with us! We look forward to discovering more of your kid-approved lunches on!

Are you ready to transform your lunchbox experience? Join Inga today, create your free account on and get weekly ideas and tips from our amazing community around the world!

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