Explore The World, One Lunchbox At A Time.

Parents have been very creative over the last year to handle their new reality and make sure to keep their children safe, entertained, healthy and happy. One year and a half after, we are amazed to see how the lunchbox community managed to stay inspired and motivated. This month we want to celebrate a group of lunchbox moms who decided to help us escape and explore the world from our kitchen. During 2 weeks they will pack and share themed lunches featuring a country they would like to travel to, and they invite everyone to join this fun challenge!

The #lunchboxesaroundtheworld challenge is on!

The Team Behind The #lunchboxesaroundtheworld Challenge. Meet Noemie (@funkytartines, Belgium), Filio (@abc_lunchies, Cyprus), Sabine (@Pausenbrojunkie, Germany), Inga (@kidscantwaiforlunch, Canada), Clare (@snackboxdiairies, Singapore), and Karla (@lunchatnoone, USA)
The Team Behind The #lunchboxesaroundtheworld Challenge

Meet Noemie (@funkytartines, Belgium), Filio (@abc_lunchies, Cyprus), Sabine (@Pausenbrojunkie, Germany), Inga (@kidscantwaiforlunch, Canada), Clare (@snackboxdiairies, Singapore), and Karla (@lunchatnoone, USA) – from left to right on the photo above. This group of lunchbox moms connected through food, sharing lunchbox ideas and tips on Teuko.com and Instagram, each one with their own culture and preferences. This week they decided to spread the fun around the discovery of new foods and recipes by inviting their community members to take a virtual trip around the world. 

Starting May 3rd, and during 2 weeks, the team will take tours to showcase a country they would love to escape to. Join the challenge and find your escape!

How to join the challenge?

This lunchbox challenge is open to everyone, around the world. 

  1. Pick a country that you like, or your home country or a country you want to travel to again.
  2. Prepare a themed lunch of your own. Your lunch, your style. In a lunchbox or on a plate. Just ensure that you feature at least one traditional local food or specialty.
  3. Share what you do. Have fun and make sure to share what you do with the community with hashtag #lunchboxesaroundtheworld on Instagram as well as tagging one of the team members above. Each day these lunchbox mums will feature your creations in their stories and we will all travel together around the world!

Bonus : Win a Planetbox Rover Kit!

Make this challenge even more fun by entering a chance to win a complete Planetbox Rover Kit with Adventure magnets or any other magnet of your choice (*)! All you need to do is to upload a photo of your #lunchboxesaroundtheworld themed lunch on Teuko.com. For more information and complete official rules, visit www.teuko.com/giveaway.

Thank you to @planetbox who join our forces to support and show our appreciation to our unique and creative lunchbox community!

ENTER TO WIN a Planetbox Rover Kit.

(*) The Rover Kit includes a stainless steel lunchbox (with 2 Dipper containers), magnet set, and Carry Bag. The winner will be able to choose their magnet & Carry Bag designs.

Are you looking for inspiration to get started?

  • Re-discover our last trips to Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, London
  • Check out the “School Lunch” category on Teuko. It demystifies school lunches from France, UK, Japan and USA.  Most of them were verified by nutritionists. They are an effective resource for you to get inspiration and assemble food easily in your lunch boxes.

What country will you showcase for us this week? We are curious to discover your local food, cuisine or specialties. Join the #lunchboxesaroundtheworld challenge, and don’t miss your chance to enter our first WORLDWIDE giveaway this year!


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