Discover Bentobette’s lunch packing tips

Babette, aka Bentobette on, is a mom from 🇵🇭 Philippines. She has been preparing bento for her daughter Debbie (now a 2nd grader), since June 2017. She has been sharing very fun and creative lunches, with, most of the time, cartoon characters made out of rice! Bento being more than just food art, let’s meet with her and discover her lunchbox tips and style!
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Love makes the bento preparation easier!

“When I was working, I prepared Debbie’s snack/lunch hours before I go to work. I was determined to do bento style because I wanted to let her feel my love even when we’re apart. I started with just using food picks and silicone cups to make her food look interesting and colorful. When she started to have lunch at school, I challenged myself to create more kyaraben or character bento since I can’t always have white characters only. Currently, I’m a stay-at-home-mom and I have more time to prepare bento for her.”

Babette’s favorite lunchbox accessories

“I’m currently preparing plated bento because Debbie’s attending virtual classes only due to the pandemic. Before, we were only using inexpensive lunch boxes I bought from Japan store in our area. We also have Tupperware brand. It doesn’t really matter to Debbie whatever lunch box we’re using. 🙂

Cling wrap, toothpick, food thong, and scissors with fine tip are my ever reliable bento accessories. Food picks and silicone cups add color to our food box or plate. I really love the brand MSA because of its variety and of course their cute design.”

Teuko in Babette’s lunch packing journey

“As far as I remember, I discovered Teuko when I saw a post on Facebook. I use Teuko primarily to share my work and also to check on the beautiful works of the other members of the community. It allows us to share our passion and ideas. I also love that Teuko is sharing tips/hacks and arranged the topics in such a way that is easy for us to search. This, for me, is a good interaction between Teuko and the whole lunchbox community from around the globe.”

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