Making Lunch Fun With Noemie

Noëmie is a French expatriate in Belgium where she discovered lunch packing. Belgian schools allow parents to pack lunches for their kids. After realizing that her kids were not eating enough at school, she decided to jump in and to make lunchtime a fun experience.

30 Minutes A Day

Noëmie is packing lunch every day for her 11 yo boy and her 6 yo girl. She packs lunch the night before to avoid the morning rush, except for warm lunches which are reheated and packed at the last minute. How does she make it work in her busy schedule? Noëmie likes to assemble pretty lunch boxes so she decided to make time in her agenda by blocking a specific slot for this specific task – 30 minutes is usually enough to prepare 2 lunch boxes.

Noëmie makes it a rule to shop local and in season for fruits and veggies even tastier. Fun fact: did you know that Belgium is a big producer of delicious strawberries?!

I find it really rewarding to open the lunch box at the end of the day and discover that almost everything has been eaten. My kids have both different tastes and I respect that as long as they keep an open mind on new food I want them to discover.

Noëmie, @funkytartine

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Her Best Lunchbox hacks

1. I like to think about what I’m going to prepare with a pencil and a piece of paper. I have seen this in the “yum-yum bento box” book. This makes a huge difference when you assemble the lunchbox. This way you only take the food and the accessories that you need. You can do it one food group at the time so that your kitchen stays relatively in order. 

2. Use food of different colors. Kids love to eat colorful lunches so I try to mix them to make the lunchbox pop.

3. Use lemon juice to keep your fruits fresh. This works with apples, pears, bananas…

4. Get inspired by what other wonder parents are doing. Browse the Teuko app. Takes notes of what you like, what you think you can do easily. Explore the ideas by theme and category: big celebrations of the year are a great source of inspiration that I like to refer to when missing inspiration (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Easter etc … ).

Favorite accessories

A little goes a long way in the lunchbox. 3 little stars of cheddar on a piece of broccoli makes it magical.

Noemie, @funkytartines

1. Cutters – I love using fruit and veggie cutters as well sandwich cutters but honestly any cookie cutter would work wonders.

2. Food picks – A little fork with a funny face makes lunch so much better

3- Our favorite lunch box definitively the Yumbox collection. We have the snack one, the classic and the tapas XL. My favorite is the Tapas XL 4 tray. The big compartment allows to pack big sandwiches and gives me room for creativity!
We got the the Bentgokids lunchbox a few years ago and loved it but it is becoming a little small for my kids appetite.

The Kids’ Favorites So Far

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