Top 10 Lunchbox Contributors of 2020

Another year of cooking and lunch packing is almost done. This year more than ever we faced the daily struggle of finding inspiration, motivation, and the time to provide our kids and family healthy lunches that they love! And yet, it’s amazing to see the overwhelming number of lunch ideas submitted on Teuko, the creativity and the resilience in our community. Sharing is caring – Thank you for showing so much support to the community.

Today, itʼs time to recognize the Top 10 Teuko Lunchbox Contributors of 2020!

10. & Veganlunchmom, ex æquo! (🇳🇱 Netherlands) and Veganlunchmom (🇺🇸 United States) both shared a total of 43 lunchbox ideas in 2020 on*)! Two different styles easy to fall in love with!

9. Painapplez

Some of our Teuko kids begged us to get more sushis in their lunch boxes and now it seems we know who inspired them this year 🙂 All this Japanese-style foods in Painapplez‘s lunch boxes look so tasty! (🇺🇸 United States)

Painapplez bento lunchbox ideas on the online community for lunchbox packers
Painapplez’s profile on

8. bentofor_orion

As a new 2020 Teuko friend, bentofor_orion (🇺🇸 United States) made sure to share positive lunchbox ideas with all the smiles we could spot in her lunch boxes! Exactly what we needed this year, don’t you think?

Bentofor_orion's lunchbox ideas on the online community for lunch box packers
Bentofor_orion’s profile on

7. Lunches_by_lindsay

One of our dearest Teuko friend since 2018, Lunches_by_lindsay (🇨🇦 Canada) kept on inspiring us this year with colorful and varied lunchbox ideas!

Lunches_by_lindsay lunchbox ideas on Teuko, the lunch box community
Lunches_by_lindsay’s profile on

6. Lunches With L❤️vsin

We’re happy that Lunches With L❤️vsin shared her lunchbox ideas as they combine always simple food with fun designs and themes (sea, stars, cars, puzzles, …), it’s totally a child’s delight too!

Simple to do, combined fun themes! Check out Lunches With L❤️vsin‘s profile!

5. @tiny_human_big_appetite

We’re in awe of @tiny_human_big_appetite‘s (🇺🇸 United States) food art! They’re so beautifully detailed and full of poesy that it became a must-see on Teuko, at least for disconnecting from 2020 madness and plunging into childhood sweet fairytales.

The artful lunch creations of @tiny_human_big_appetite

4. Thelunchmomma

Sandwiches and pizzas are definitely not boring but, instead, they look so fresh and appetizing with Thelunchmomma’s lunchbox ideas! (🇨🇦 Canada)

Thelunchmomma profile on the online community for lunchbox packers. Easy, yummy, fresh lunch packing ideas.
Easy, fresh, and yummy lunchbox ideas by Thelunchmomma on

3. BentoBette

Bentobette (🇵🇭 Philippines) is a new friend on Teuko who brought very fun and creative lunches, with, most of the time, cartoon characters made out of rice! Which one is your fav?

BentoBette profile on the online community for lunchbox packers
BentoBette’s profile with fun cartoon characters

2. @learningandlovingtolunch

As a new lunch packing friend on in 2020, @learningandlovingtolunch (🇨🇦 Canada) grabbed the second place with 125 easy and fun lunchbox ideas! Woohoo!

@learningandlovingtolunch profile on the online community for lunchbox packer
@learningandlovingtolunch‘s profile on

1. Silkes bentoboxes

With +240 lunchbox ideas shared on this year, Silkes totally impressed us! Shelter in place or not, she kept on packing lunch boxes, and the least we can say is that she managed to show endless creativity and endless love!

Silkes top user of the online community of lunchbox packers
Silkes’ profile on, with her latest festive lunch boxes.

💖 Thank you! Teuko wouldnʼt be possible without you. Together, we shared lunchbox ideas, recipes, and tips. Together, we shared positivity, kindness, and fun. So thank you to everyone who took the time to submit lunchbox ideas this year.

Are you ready to welcome 2021? Here at Teuko, we definitely are! And we look forward to discovering your lunchbox ideas! Show us what are your kids’ favorite lunches by sharing a photo with our community. Find and get even more inspiration by exploring what other parents do!

(*) as of December 7th, 2020.


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