What we love and how to save money at Amazon

“How can Teuko.com remain free?” asked a friend lately. She was amazed that our online community of lunchbox packers kept on growing, thus requiring more resources, and yet, indeed, was still free of use. The answer is simple: thanks to amazing business partners, we can get a small percentage from the sales, and this helps us in maintaining our web app free, offering lunchbox ideas, recipes, tips, and fun, all for free.

What we love about Amazon

Amazon was the very first affiliate program Teuko got into. We had the chance to be accepted even when our online community was still at a pretty small scale. As a bootstrapped startup, we’re thankful that people at Amazon believed in us. And as a person, what we love about Amazon is the reliability, the convenience, and the speed we get when ordering products via amazon.com.

Start your 30-day free Amazon Prime trial banner for taking advantage of great promotions

In addition to the trust we have when ordering on Amazon, there are great promotional events that help save tons of money. We especially love the Prime Days and Black Friday deals! These are reserved for Prime Members but if you’re not yet a Prime Member, one tip we have for you is that you can start your 30-day free trial. You can cancel before your trial ends to avoid being charged a subscription fee (a membership, with cool benefits such as 2-day shipping, Prime Video streaming, or unlimited photo storage, costs nearly $120 a year).

Start your 30-day free Amazon Prime trial banner for taking advantage of great promotions

Last but not least, and that’s why we stress on the fact it is very convenient, you can get everything (or almost!) from Amazon: not just toys, electronics, or books… The grocery delivery, whether with Amazon Fresh or with Whole Foods, especially during the shelters in place, is fast and easy to do. We tried. And we still love it!

Select 4-5 lunches in Teuko. Click on the “Shop now” button for each food/ingredient that is missing at home. Fill your cart on Amazon. And tada! you can do your grocery for the week in 10-15min at the comfort of your home (instead of an average of 60-70minutes going at the store) and have it all delivered to your doorstep!

Our favorite things you can buy at Amazon

The families of Teuko, the online community of lunchbox packers, shared what they love best for lunch packing: lunch containers, lunch bags, bottles, cutlery and napkins, lunchbox accessories … Discover them all in our Teuko Lunchbox Store on Amazon!

The Teuko Lunchbox Store on Amazon. Lunch boxes, lunch bags, lunchbox accessories, and more!
The Teuko Lunchbox Store on Amazon. Lunch boxes, lunch bags, lunchbox accessories, and more!

How to save even more money at Amazon

We recently found a new way to save even more money at Amazon! Slickdeals offers deals, coupons, promo codes, and discounts! You can set up deal alerts to get notified on the latest deals. There is also an app so you can get deals at your fingertips. The Slickdeals browser extension auto applies coupons for you… So many easy tools to help save money every day!

Deals, coupons, promo codes, discounts at Amazon with Slickdeals
Additional Amazon coupons, deals, promo codes, and discounts with Slickdeals!

What about you? What do you like most about Amazon? What are the best deals you got? Any other tips you would like to share, add them in the comments!

Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored. Also, as an Amazon’s affiliate company, if you buy some products from some links inserted in the text of this blog post, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale. Any feedback? Email us at contact@teuko.com

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