Variation For Happy and Healthy Lunches

Meet Mariska, an amazing mom packing lunch for a 4 years old, from Gouda in The Netherlands. She has been practicing lunch packing for her little one for almost 2 years already. Today, Mariska is telling you all about her experience and her best tips!

Favorite time to pack lunch

I usually prepare the lunchbox in the evening while cooking diner. The fruit box is the only one prepared in the morning during breakfast. I just started to document my lunches on I joined this worldwide community as I think it’s an easy way to find inspiration.

Best lunchbox hack 

Variation in the food items sent to school is the trick for my boy. He will try new kinds of foods. Also I’m convinced that children can feel the love from mum or dad by making their lunchbox with so much attention.

Favorites accessories

I absolutely love the Lunchpunch sandwich cutters because they are so easy to use and have a great result. The Yumbox classic is my favorite lunchbox because of the variety of foods you can put into it. We always use the Drink in the box for water, no spilling and easy to open by little hands.

Kids’ favorite lunchbox

My son loved the lunchbox of his First day at school, with the puzzle sandwich cutter, an egg and a homemade meatball. That one is his favorite so far!

Favorite Lunchbox So Far!

Note – Mariska is also a member of the Bentofabriek team to help promote happy and healhy lunches in the Netherlands. We are very proud to welcome her in our amazing Teuko community this year!

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