Hot Lunch Containers For Kids

One question we often hear from parents is how to send a hot lunch at school as most schools don’t provide reheating options. We already discussed and covered these topics on social media, but we thought that you would enjoy a guide on the different options available to find the one that would best fit your needs and your kids’ ages. Make sure to check also our real-life and easy tricks for packing hot school lunches and keeping them warm until lunchtime.

1- The popular food jar

The pro: families like them because they keep food warm several hours, you can find them everywhere, in different sizes. Some brands also offer cute and practical designs that make them fun and easy for small kids to handle. Great containers for soups, no doubt.

The cons: the sizes available can be limited depending on the brands. Eating in a tube is not appealing to all kids.

2- The challengers

They are not well known, but some brands have worked on great alternatives to the food jar to favor the bento box presentation of the food. You can find here several thermal bowl options, including the innovative OmieBox.

The pro: they are the only options to serve hot food like you would do it at home, in a plate.

The cons: less kid-friendly options. The cost, often higher than a jar.

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What we like about it: a 24 Oz insulated bowl, large enough for bigger kids and good eaters. So many cute designs to pick from!

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3- The classic glassware

If parents often tend to dismiss this option at first, especially for small kids, the glass containers are often the safest and most eco-friendly alternative when kids get access to a reheating option.

The pro: durable. Brands proposed sturdy containers hard to break. A size for every age. A perfect option when a micro-wave is available.

The cons: glass is heavier. Request the use of a microwave to reheat the food.

More brands are working on electrical and connected lunch boxes also, and we are keeping an eye on this smart lunch boxes until we spot a kid friendly option.

Do you have a favorite hot lunch container that you would like to recommend? Please share in a comment or by sending an email. We want to know what you like best! Meanwhile you can find all the favorites accessories of the Teuko Community in our Teuko Store on Amazon.

Disclaimer – This blog post has affiliate links and sponsored content. We may get a small share from the revenues. Helping other brands spread the word about their product, especially when we tried and liked it, is a way to maintain free of use. Any questions? Contact us at

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