How to make lunch packing fun, by Lauren

Meet the amazing mom behind @learningandlovingtolunch. Lauren is a teacher and a mom of three young children. Benjamin, 5 – Ellie, 3 – and Lucy, 1! When her first child started kindergarten earlier this year, she resolved to make packing lunches fun since she had no choices anyway… Read how she made it somewhat of a hobby in less than one year!

Why did you start tracking your lunches?

I found inspiration on many other accounts online. That’s why I decided that I would not only make the lunches but share the journey with other people so that my ideas could help others the way other people’s lunches inspired me.

I love being able to look back on what we have made to reuse ideas. I also love being able to share real life with my followers because being a mom is hard some days and it is nice to know that there are other moms (and dads) going through the same things or willing share a laugh or lend an ear.

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How do you make lunch packing fun?

Lunch packing can feel like a chore for many. I try to think of it as a creative outlet and a time to ensure I am nourishing my family’s bodies so they can do their best learning and growing while at school or work.

I usually pack most parts of the lunch the evening before and try to ensure I incorporate a variety of foods and flavors while also offering some favorites and ensuring they are nut free for school.

I’ve also always liked baking and decorate cakes and cookies, etc. so being creative with food in the lunchbox is like a creative release for me. Using the accessories or cutting fruits and veggies in fun ways only takes a couple of extra minutes but they offer a lot of bang for your buck. I love when my kids opens their lunch and they are visibly happy with a fun detail. 

What are your favorites accessories?

We started our lunch making journey with three different LunchBots stainless steel containers. We love them. I did purchased myself a larger LunchBots (the cinco) and it quickly became one of my favorite containers. I love that it is eco friendly and it has large sections that are easy to fill. Adding bento cups adds even more versatility.

We also purchased Yumbox Originals and the kids love them. They enjoy the colorful containers, the fun inserts, the many spaces that lend themselves to a lot of variety in their lunchboxes, and the easy with which they can open and close them.

We are waiting for the arrival of a few more lunch containers that are sure to expand our lunch making capabilities!

My kids love when I add fun picks or colors silicon baking cups for a pop of color. And because hummus is a must in almost every lunch my kids eat, the LunchBots dip containers are used daily.

What is your kids’ favorite lunch so far?

Any day that I ask my son what he would like for lunch, I’m fairly confident I will hear ‘cheese, ham and hummus wrap!

Being home during the pandemic has allowed us more time to try a variety of lunch options that we can use next year at school: left over spaghetti in his thermos preferably, cheese and crackers, veggies and hummus, and eggs sandwiches are at the top of his list of favorite lunches.

3 reasons why you would you recommend Teuko to parents who pack lunch?

Teuko is a great resource for parents because it takes the pressure off of packing lunches and it allows them to use ideas from other families facing the same daily challenges.

  1. I love that is a one stop shop for finding fun, creative, and healthy lunches to share with my kids.
  2. The lunch making community is full of so many creative and amazing moms and dads who share fantastic ideas.
  3. I love that I am able to click on a lunch I like, and find a detailed list of the ingredients – this makes shopping and planning for meals easier.

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