B2S Guide | The 5 New Big Things for our Kids’ Snacks

Kids are full of energy, and yet, we need to fuel them up to make sure they keep the energy up until the end of the day! A snack at 10am or at 4pm can boost them. Our Teuko team handpicked with care and love 5 snack ideas that are great options not only for our kids, but also for our communities, or even our planet.

Bye mushy bananas!

Have you ever heard your kid complain about an unfortunate banana crushed in the lunch bag or, worst, in the backpack? A Solely fruit jerky has just one ingredient: whole, organic fresh fruit. No sugar, preservatives or concentrates. If they have two ingredients, it’s just fresh fruit touched with cacao, nuts, or coconut. Banana, mango, or pineapple, the fruit is hand selected at harvest to guarantee the best possible flavor. It is then sliced, chopped and pressed into a strip… and voilĂ ! Bye mushy bananas!

No mushy banana makes our Teuko Kid very happy! 🙂
A yummy selection. Just fruit.
Lunchbox for a 7yo, with the Solely Mango for dessert.

Upcycled snacks for sustainability

What if the #1 solution to climate change could also be a tasty and healthy snack? Maybe the easiest way to up our sustainable game is to choose upcycled snacks!
What is upcycling? It’s a creatively reuse of by-products that unlocks their highest value! The ReGrained puffs make tasty treats that will fit perfectly into your planet forward snack plan! Oh! And they also have yummy granola bars!

An eco-friendly snack our kids will love!

Crunchy and tasty Regrained Puffs

From the first listed “Entreprise Ă  Mission”

Our kids grow so fast, and for building strong bones, they need calcium. Our Teuko Kids love to have the Horizon Organic String Cheese and Danimals smoothies for their snacks. These products are from Danone, which is not a startup but a very well-known company. We learnt that, very recently, Danone became the first listed company to adopt the “Entreprise Ă  Mission” model created by French law in 2019. That means that Danone’s social and environmental objectives are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, including the promotion of inclusion, or the preservation of the planet and the renewal of its resources… which is a good thing for our kids’ future! We strongly encourage other companies to follow the path!

The Danimals smoothies brought yumminess and fun in our Teuko Kids’ lunch boxes 🙂

The mozzarella cheese stick is very easy to eat

Real French snacks made in the USA

France is not only a pioneer in ecology, this country is also a leader in food gastronomy! And our kids, here in the USA, can now get and taste the delicious Bakerly brioches, pancakes, and crĂŞpes, made with authentic French recipes!

CrĂŞpe with dried mango for our Teuko Kids’ snacks!
Pancakes ready-to-eat. Yum!

A delicious twist for a not-so-boring sandwich: brioche!

Travelling to Japan while snacking

Are your kids fans of Pokemon, Totoro, Hello Kitty, Pusheens, or other manga characters? Let your kids taste Japan with these delicious snacks! From flavors pairings and festivals, to prefectures and holidays, Bokksu, indeed, carefully curates the most authentic snacks found only in Japan! With a subscription, you can discover a different side of Japan every month. You can also get snacks Ă  la carte in the Bokksu Market, which is a pretty nice way to start travelling just by snacking!

A new theme each month in the Bokksu box will literally let the whole family escape to Japan!

Candied Yuzu Peels, Japanese Kit Kats, Kaju Gummy Peach, Aji Curry, Puru Mochi, Kyoto Matcha Waffle Sandwich, Honey and Gongorkola Cheese Cookie… my oh my! so many delicacies coming straight from Japan!

Any other popular snack idea in your family? Let us know in the comments! Meanwhile explore all the ideas from the community on Teuko.com.

Disclaimer – This blog post has affiliate links and sponsored content. We may get a small share from the revenues. Helping other brands spread the word about their product, especially when we tried and liked it, is a way to maintain Teuko.com free of use. Any questions? Contact us at contact@teuko.com


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