5 Easy Hot Lunch Ideas For School

5 Easy Hot Lunch Ideas For School

What food can we pack in an insulated lunchbox container that will actually stay appetizing? If you think that sending your kids to school with a hot lunch is complicated, this post was made for you. You’ll find kid-approved hot lunch ideas popular on Teuko.com that are easy to prepare and that hold up well in any insulated container. Save these easy hot lunch ideas for days when the inspiration and the energy are low.

Hot Lunch Idea #1: Soup

If you are looking for nutritious and stress-free hot lunch recipe ideas, soups are a must-try. They actually allow you to get a nutritious and tasty meal in no time while not requiring any specific culinary know-how nor a recipe. Read more benefits of making soup in this article.

Find below 4 of the most popular soup ideas you need to know for the lunchbox!

Hot or cold, tomato soups are perfect with grilled cheese for the lunchbox.

Peas and spinach make a simple and healthy green soup.

Mix zucchinis with your kids’ favorite cheese and enjoy. Our kids learned to love zucchinis by mixing the Laughing Cow creamy cheese, or brie.

The sweet taste of carrots will welcome any other vegetable or spice. Start easy with our carrot pumpkin puree.

Hot Lunch Idea #2: Pasta

It’s a no-brainer, pasta lunches will always make meal preparation simpler than ever. The good news is that pasta will always look appetizing to your kids, including in an insulated container. No need to make it complicated, think about mac and cheese, pesto pasta, bolognese, tuna pasta. Families like to add some veggies like carrots or peas to plain pasta. In any case, go and have fun trying all the varieties of pasta available: alphabet pasta, penne, shells…

Hot Lunch Idea #3: Scrambled Eggs

Combine scrambled eggs with cheese a salad and some fruits, and you’ll get one of the kids’ favorite breakfast for lunch idea that holds perfectly in any insulated container.

Pro tip scrambled eggs can be prepared at the very last minute in the morning, on the stovetop, or with a microwave if you are in a rush.

Hot Lunch Idea #4: Lentils, Beans

Lentils or beans will never suffer from being poured into a food jar. It’s easy to enhance the taste of these foods by combining sausages, meat, carrots, tomatoes… Dinner leftovers work usually greatly mixed all together with beans or lentils!

Hot Lunch Idea #5: Rice, Couscous, Quinoa

The most adventurous kids will certainly appreciate a mix of veggies like carrots, zucchinis, broccolis, and peas, combined with grains such as rice, couscous, or quinoa. This is also a great way to reuse leftovers of veggies at home. No time to cut and prepare veggies? Use tomato sauce that you can always improve with garlic, onions, or any meat left.

Hot Lunches Tips and Tricks

Now you got an idea of what to pack in your kids’ food jars and other insulated containers, make sure to read our tips and tricks for How To Keep Food Warm Until Lunchtime In An Insulated Bento Lunch Box. Are you still looking for the insulated container that fits your needs and preferences? Don’t miss our guide to select the best Hot Lunch Containers For Your Kids.

Isn’t it easier than you thought to send tasty meals in a food jar? Any other idea that is one of your kid’s favorite? Please share with us by uploading a photo on Teuko.com.

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