Warmables | How To Keep Food Warm Until Lunchtime Without the need of a Thermos

Insulated Sleeves To Keep Food Warm Like A Thermos

The hunt for the perfect hot lunch container is a challenge for most families. It’s not an easy thing to find the best container that will keep food warm until lunchtime, AND that will keep us, the parents motivated to handle the extra preparation time and organization that goes with it in the morning. Meet Warmables. This company’s Food Warmer Sleeves could be a real game changer in simplifying how to keep food warm until lunchtime without a thermos!

The concept behind Warmables Food Warmer Sleeves

Warmables is the story of a mom in Jersey City looking for an easy way to send her young boy off to school with a warm meal in his lunch box. The challenge was keeping it warm until noon.  That’s how she ended up creating a full line of lunchbox accessories to keep food warm for several hours and make home-cooked meals in school, at the gym, and in the office possible. 

One day I stood in a dollar store brainstorming about how I could possibly keep food warm in Isaiah’s lunch bag. Then I saw it: a pair of oven mitts with Santa images on them. It instantly hit me; if this keeps heat out, it also keeps heat in… A one-year process of cutting various mitts, fabrics and materials apart just to sew them back together started. 

Luckily, I already knew from my Swiss background that little heat packs filled with cherry pits could be used to pre-heat lunch bags and keep meals warm longer. 

Finally, we succeeded in holding smaller portions warm for 3-5 hours and decided to call our product Warmables.

Yvonne Fricker, Founder and CEO at Warmables
Yvonne Fricker with his son, who inspired her to create Warmables.
Yvonne Fricker with her son, who inspired her to create Warmables.

3 things we like about Warmables products

The ability to keep food warm for up to 6, sometimes 7 hours is a total game changer. It opens up tons of new options, making and packing lunches more enjoyable. It’s a fantastic opportunity to plan ahead, pack leftovers, save some money, and sometimes even a little time. But it’s not everything we like about the Warmables products: here are 3 more reasons why you should give it a try.

1- Conscious

Warmables is a conscious mom-entrepreneur business. While many companies now offer mass-produced heated lunchboxes and heat packs filled with chemicals, Warmables heat sources are 100% natural. It’s either cherry pits inside the heat packs or any hot beverage including water, tea, or coffee in the hot bottle. The heat packs are used for younger kids and the hot bottle is loved by teens and adults. All their products and materials are purchased locally, in the USA.

What I am most excited about and proud of is that we still source all our materials and supplies right here in the USA.  It is company policy as I feel strongly about supporting the economy in this nation we all call our home.

We hand-make all our food warmer sleeves and heat protector sleeves right here in our sewing studio in Jersey City.  Local seamstresses, high school kids, and other helper bees make it possible to keep it all going, ship orders, and answer e-mails. All our help is paid fair wages, we offer the young adults a good first job experience, and we all smile while we cut, sew, glue, create, and think about future possibilities! 

Yvonne Fricker, Founder and CEO at Warmables

2- Functional

Warmables sleeves are easy and fast to preheat before use. You can preheat in 2 different ways: by inserting cherry bags that you can reheat simply in a microwave, or by inserting a hot water bottle for a few minutes. Both the sleeves and the heat bags are also super easy to spot clean. Last but not least, no more extra dishes and messy morning preparation as you don’t need to pour your lunch from one container to another. Just reheat it all.

3-  Versatile

Warmables sleeves fit with most regular food storage containers. Not having to buy and store new lunch box containers to send warm food to school is a plus. And this solution works as well for the kids’ school lunches or the adults’ lunches!

Warmables Lunch Bag Sets keep school lunches warm for hours
3 things we love about Warmables lunch bag sets.

Are you ready to try the Warmables line of products this season? We’ve got some Pro tips from the expert, Yvonne, for better results:

  • Stove and oven-heated food stays warm longer 
  • Packing food in a glass or stainless-steel container keeps food warm longer 
  • Moist foods such as stews, Mac’n Cheese, or mashed potatoes hold heat longer 
  • More food stays warm longer, huddled together like penguins. Do not spread the food out, it will lose heat fast if you do.    

Discover the full line of products Warmables by visiting www.Warmables.com and tell us what you think. Enjoy an exclusive trial offer this month. Use code TEUKO and you’ll get 20% OFF all orders $29 and up. Valid until 11/30. *Discount codes can not be combined, and don’t apply to items already on sale.

Disclaimer – This post is in partnership with Warmables. All opinions are our own. Also, as an Amazon affiliate company, if you buy some products from some links inserted in the text of this blog post, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale. This helps Teuko.com remain free! Any feedback? Email us at contact@teuko.com.


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