School Lunch – 2nd Stop: San Francisco!

Did you know that 40 to 50% of American children going to school bring their lunch from home? (Source)

Specificities of Lunchtime in the USA.

Unlike what we have in France, in the USA, children don’t have lots of time for the lunch break which makes having lunch at home absolutely not possible. And even when you have a school cafeteria, you always have the freedom to bring your own lunch from home. But French and American have similar recommendations regarding the daily families of food consumption.

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Lunchtime in the USA compared to France,

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This week we took inspiration from the menus of the city of San Francisco because we’re living here in San Francisco and we’re very proud of our city. San Francisco is also the Californian birthplace of the food culture with the city of Berkeley. Check out below the menu that is served in some schools on April the 13th and turn it into a lunchbox idea of your own. Tag what you pack with #Teuko, or track directly on to better retrieve what you’ve done later!

NBWith this menu, we would add a cheddar cheese stick and apple slices in order to have all families of food.

We’re looking forward to discovering your interpretations of a US school lunch menu! Any other great US school cafeteria we haven’t discovered? Comment on our Facebook Community Page.

* Teuko School Lunch Challenge: click here for more info.


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