My Lunch, My Way.

In April, Teuko hosted a School Lunch Challenge that took our followers on a trip from Paris to San Francisco to Tokyo, ending up in London where we discovered one of the Prince George’s royal school lunches.

You’ve been a lot of enthusiasts to follow Teuko in that journey. Thank you so much for your support and congratulations for your amazing positive energy and creativity! 

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This School Lunch Challenge meant a lot to us.
Teuko has been curating School Menus on its website to boost parents’ inspiration. We’ve been happy to finally introduce our users to this category of lunch ideas that you can browse any time on Teuko.
The challenge also pointed out 3 specificities of lunch packing that we consider foundations of our solution Teuko and that make lunch packing a real opportunity for every family.


This trip has been a wonderful excuse to learn more about the specificities of lunchtime in different countries and cultures. We enjoyed the opportunity given to celebrate our followers around the world. We are now looking forward to highlighting many more cultures in the future with your help!

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Learn more about school lunch in France, USA, Japan, UK.


What we loved even more about that challenge has been your strong enthusiasm and your feedback. You testified every week on how teaming up had boosted your inspiration and motivation, making lunch packing even more fun! We are stronger together, so let’s stick together with Teuko.

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“Just to tie in the theme was fun” (Teuko Follower).


Last but not least, the school lunch challenge illustrated something we think is also really specific to food and parenting: lunch packing is an individual notion.
It has been amazing to see the creativity that resulted from a unique menu – list of ingredients! This demonstrated every week the benefits of empowering parents when it’s time to pack lunch. More inspired they are also more motivated while enjoying the ability given to express their difference or simply match their kids or family’s preferences.

One Menu, 14 Lunchbox Ideas

The Opportunity Behind Lunch Packing…

We just went through 3 reasons why in our point of view, homemade lunches should be considered more of an opportunity for families than a hassle. Packing lunch is also an efficient way to show love and care to our kids while sharing our own culture and family preferences – including our own notion of what is healthy or not 😉

So, how to make it easier? Sharing ideas and motivation with a community of like-minded people is definitively a unique chance to boost our creativity, our motivation, to make lunchtime an experience more enjoyable…for parents, but also the kids who end up with better lunches at the end of the day.

Some Benefits of Packed Lunch, over School Lunch

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