Let’s travel with school lunches!

School lunches reveal a lot about our cultural differences. Earth Day and World Heritage Day celebrations coming in April make it a wonderful opportunity for our community to join our forces and celebrate together the different ways to eat lunch around the world. 

Celebrate School Lunches around the world with Teuko!

Join our “School Lunch Challenge”.  Every week in April we will take you to one destination to tell you more about what school lunch looks like in that country.  Every Friday we will suggest you one school lunch menu from the destination that you will have to turn into a lunchbox idea of your own during the following week. Then tag with #Teuko, or even better, track and share directly what you’ve done on www.teuko.com!

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We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next in your lunch boxes!

Want to see more ideas of School Lunch Menus?

Check out Teuko. Our “School Lunch” category demystify school lunches from France, UK, Japan and USA. When we started curating these school lunches, we found out that most of them were verified by nutritionists. They are an effective resource for you to get inspiration and assemble food easily in your lunch boxes.

And while Japanese kids had a Polish meal in March and French kids will have an Indian meal in April, why not celebrating other cultures in your lunch boxes as well?  

Together, let’s have fun travelling around the world… while packing lunch!


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