2 New Trends For Packing A Valentines Bento Box

Best New Trends For Packing A Valentine’s Bento Box

Valentine’s Day is one of the favorite themes for lunchbox moms. This Holiday is a beautiful opportunity to show love to our children at lunchtime, when they may expect it the less. Roses, heart shapes, and red and pink colors are usually popping up in every lunchbox. You’ll retrieve Popular Hacks to make it Easy to pack a fun Valentine’s Day lunchbox on this blog, as well as super Easy Last-minute Lovely Lunchbox Ideas for the Busiest.

Two new trends have made their way recently into the kid’s lunch boxes, did you notice? Here they are below! We hope that you will find here the additional inspiration you need to pack fun Valentine’s Day lunch boxes this year.

1- The Love Letter Valentine’s Bento Lunch

Make your favorite sandwich and cut it into an envelope shape. Most of the love letters we’ve seen so far are made out of white bread, but you can also fold tortillas or crêpes if your kids don’t like bread for lunch. A simple heart-shaped veggie cutter will help put the last touch to your love letter.

Love Letter Valentine Bento Box  by @Lunchesforbb via Teuko

 @Lunchesforbb via Teuko

Love Letter Valentine Bento Box by @freshmarketnutrition. Curated with love by Teuko Team

@freshmarketnutrition via Instagram

Love Letter Valentine Bento Box by @Brotboxenideen via Teuko

@Brotboxenideen via Teuko

2- The Bee Mine Valentine’s Bento Lunch

The Bee bento box is such a creative way to pack Valentine’s Day lunchbox. If your kids are not so much into hearts, red and pink colors, this lunchbox hack is for you! You can find many options for bumble bee cookie cutters to make it even easier.

Bee Mine Lunchbox by @vesperbox_und_co via Teuko.com

@vesperbox_und_co via Teuko

Be Mine Valentine Lunchbox.
Original lunchbox idea from @so_cute_lunches. Curated with love by Teuko Team

@so_cute_lunches via Instagram

Bee Mine Lunchbox by Toto Lunchbox via Teuko.com

@Totos Lunchbox via Teuko

Make sure to record what you do!

Upload your Valentine’s Day lunchbox idea on Teuko.com: you’ll inspire other lunchbox moms and dads looking for new ideas or new food inspiration. You’ll also build a useful record for next year or days when you need to inspire yourself!

BONUS – Upload your lunch before 02/14/23: you will earn a digital badge you and your kid will be proud of, and get a chance to win a prize! This lunchbox challenge is open worldwide, don’t miss the fun!

Still not feeling the energy to create a cute lunchbox this week? We’ve got you covered. We are huge fans of lunchbox notes as they are a simple and fast way to tell our kids we are around. You can make your own note or drawing, or buy pre-made lunchbox cards. Don’t forget to check Lucky Enough, 1 Year of daily lunch notes of encouragement and life lessons to his daughter, beautifully written by Chris Yandle, aka #dadLunchNotes. You will find in this book great ideas to throw on any piece of paper you have at hand!

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