5 trendy and super easy valentines lunchbox hack from the Teuko community.

The Easiest Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Lunchbox Hacks

Are you looking for an easy or last-minute Valentines’ Day lunchbox idea? No problem! We’ve hand-picked for you 5 trendy and SUPER EASY lunchbox hacks you need to know.

1- Strawberry Hearts Skewer

Strawberries are easily turned into a heart. Get any food pick like this one by @lunchformytribe, and you’ll make a very cute skewered dessert.

2-Babybel Heart Cut-Out

A simple knife can be of great help, that’s true. But nothing will beat the convenience of having a handle of vegetable cutters at hand to carve shapes you like on your kid’s favorite food. Carving a heart in a Babybel takes one second, and see how satisfying can be the result in that lunch shared by @The_lunchbox_diary on Teuko.

3-Heart-Shaped Pasta

Pasta is coming in so many shapes in various stores, from various brands. Check out your local store or get a selection of heart-shaped pasta online…and your themed lunch is done!

4-Heart-Sealed Sandwich

Nothing complicated in making a heart shape out of your kids’ favorite sandwich. Here again, any food cutter will make it even faster, no doubt. Treat yourself and get the ultimate experience by using a sandwich cutter and sealer. Results are here, and you can vary the fillings depending on your taste! Thank you @lunformytribe for showing us the way!

5- Love Dogs

If your kids are hot dogs lovers, you’ll love this hack. We fell this year for these love dogs by @marshmallowmama. Hearts sausages turn your basic hot dog into an amazing Valentine’s Day lunch in no time!

Want more Valentine’s Day food ideas and tips? Explore kids’ lunch ideas from the community on Teuko to sparkle your creativity! Don’t forget to show us what you do by uploading a photo on Teuko.com. Sharing is caring!

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