The Top 5 Favorite Lunchbox Hacks from the Teuko Community

Our mission at Teuko is to empower each other with lunchbox ideas and tips to make lunch packing easier and more fun. We gathered in this article the top 5 lunchbox hacks you shared with us, answering a poll via and Instagram. Not only these lunchbox hacks are easy, not expensive, but also so much fun. We love chatting with you, in the comments or via direct messages by the way, so keep the feedback coming!

1. Lunchbox Notes

You were 25% to let us know that your favorite lunchbox hack is to add a lunchbox note in your kid’s lunchbox. It is a very popular lunchbox hack because it brings joy or love to your kid during the middle of the day, at lunchtime, while it only takes a few seconds to add this note in the lunchbox.

Most of the time, the lunchbox note is a text. If you want to write your own lunchbox note, it can be just a word or two, like “Good luck!” when there is a test or a competition during the day, or it can be a longer text showing how much you care and love your child, or a proverb, or even a poem!
The lunchbox note can also be a simple drawing, like a heart, or a more complex one, like your kid’s favorite cartoon character.

Lunches_by_lindsay, from Canada, shared a lunchbox idea on with a lunchbox card saying "Thanks for helping me"
Ayaanslunchtoday, from India, wrote on a banana with edible food pens "Mumma believes in you! You can do it!"
Bento.Aileen, from the Netherlands, prints lunchbox jokes or lunchbox notes

For instance, Lunches_by_lindsay, from Canada, shared a lunchbox idea on with a lunchbox card saying “Thanks for helping me”. Ayaanslunchtoday, from India, wrote on a banana with edible food pens “Mumma believes in you! You can do it!”, drawing also two little hearts and a thumb up. Bento.Aileen, from the Netherlands, prints lunchbox jokes or lunchbox notes, like one with a cute bunny and “ik wens je een vrolijk dag!” meaning “I wish you a happy day!”

Like these amazing moms, use a simple piece of paper, a post-it, print a lunchbox joke you found for free on the web, write on the sandwich or the banana with edible food pens, use letters food picks, cut tiny letters out of fruits or veggies with food cutters, or include a lunchbox card you bought as a lunchbox accessory… the most important is the message you want to pass on and make your kid happy when discovering the note.

2. Food Picks

The second most popular lunchbox hack among our community of lunch packing families: the food picks.

Cute bear-bagel in a lunchbox
Lunchbox for kids with food picks
Lunch box with food picks

Lunchesforboys, from Korea, told us recently: “I love food picks and make eyes using cheese, marshmallows, chocolates, and seaweed! Everything with eye looks cute”. And look! In one of her lunchbox ideas, she transformed a bagel into a cute bear just by adding eyes food picks, ham for the ears, and a small mozzarella ball with a tiny amount of sauce for the nose.

On, Snackboxdiaries, from Singapore, shared a pretty cool lunchbox idea that includes dinosaur food picks for a fun-themed lunchbox, and star food picks that create appetizing fruit skewers! Abc_lunchies, from Cyprus, often includes food picks in her kid’s lunch boxes too. We like the leaves food picks or the cute bear food picks, alongside a tortilla-ham wrap in which she cut the message “I Love U”!

3. Sandwich cutters

We mentioned the tiny letter food cutters previously, for creating edible lunchbox notes in our kids’ lunch boxes. The sandwich cutters are also a big hit among our lunchbox community. Let’s have a look at some lunchbox ideas that were shared on!

Star-shaped sandwich in a colorful lunchbox for kid
Sandwich puzzle in a bento box
Cookie cutters can make wonders

The Organic French Mom used a star-shaped sandwich cutter and colorful food to create an appealing lunchbox. Some moms also love using cookie cutters for different shapes. Pausenbrotjunkie, for instance, created a playful sandwich thanks to puzzle-shaped cutters. The cookie cutters are especially useful when celebrating occasions like Halloween or Christmas! Veganlunchboxmom used a pumpkin cookie cutter to shape the sandwich into a scary Jack O’Lantern.

It’s totally understandable why sandwich cutters are one of the top hacks among families who pack lunch for their kids: a simple lunch is totally transformed easily and fast.

4. Recipe Twists

Our Teuko friend, Gatestecululia, shared this trick, about twisting recipes and, not only did we love it, but it was resonating with all the foodie creativity we can see on! Here’s what Gatestecululia wrote, taking the example of pizza:

I feel that sometimes with my son sticking to the basics works more, you just have to make it with a twist, let’s take for example pizza, all kids love pizza, may it be cheese or pepperoni, just make it, fancy’er’ by making pizza muffins (use bread as a dough or pizza dough and toppings of your choice), you can use puff pastry and add a filling of pizza inside, you can make it in a sandwich maker or just cut regular pizza dough into a shape and toppings of your choice. They will feel like you give them something new every day, but then you just give them the good old pizza, and you know for sure they will eat it! 🙂

Pizza muffins by Gatestecululia from the lunchbox community

Transform the pizza into a muffin, or use a naan (Indian bread) instead of the pizza dough… your choice, your creativity. Have fun with food! Are your kids more into burgers? Don’t miss the “Hidden Burger Buns” easy recipe from Filio @abc_lunchies. Another twist you need to see.

5. Colorful Food

It seems that many of you find beauty in foods and you’re right. As simple as that, by adding various food in the lunchbox of your child, it turns quickly into a beautiful meal!

Colorful bento lunchbox by Amilanichanmama shared on the community for families who pack lunch for their kids
Colorful foods in Momztries lunchbox. Teuko kids lunchbox ideas.
Rainbow colors in the kids lunchbox created by Lunchwiththeseasons. Shared on the lunchbox community
Rainbow colors for funlytartine's kids lunchbox. Shared on

Like Amilanichanmama, Momztries, Lunchwiththeseasons, and Funkytartines, you don’t have to use lunchbox accessories to pack a fun and appetizing lunch. Just assemble colorful food! The power of the red (with strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, cherries…), orange (with carrots, oranges, bell peppers, surimi…), yellow (with corm, egg, bell pepper, egg, cheese…), green (with salad, broccoli, kiwi, snap peas, cucumbers, avocado…), and blue/violet (blueberries, cabbage, violet sweet potato, violet cauliflower) will make your kid’s lunchbox fabulous!

And not only is it a pleasure for the eyes, but it’s also very healthy to eat various foods. Visit Teuko to see how you can help your kids to eat the rainbow every day.

Do you think of any additional lunchbox hack to make lunch packing easier and more fun? Tell us in a comment or by emailing We want to know what works best in your family. If you pack lunch for your kids, don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase your lunchbox ideas on! Sign up free!

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