4 Popular Valentines’ Day Food Hacks

We love to see all the red & pink items and flowers that pop-up in the kids’ lunches around Valentine’s day. So much creativity and love in the air! We curated for you 4 very easy food hacks that are the most popular in the kids’ lunch boxes this time of the year.

Heart Cut Outs

Food cutters and kitchen accessories will make it easy for you to cut or carve out your kids’ favorite food.

Heart Shaped Tomatoes

This trick is mostly used with tomatoes, but you can also use it with other food items like grapes or sausages. See how to make heart shape tomatoes, an easy step by step by @HANDIMANIA

Strawberries Roses

It’s not as complicated as it looks, and the effect in the lunchbox is stunning! See how to make these easy strawberry roses from start to finish, a tutorial by @Making_lunches_fun

Red Foods

If you don’t feel creative, make a simple red-themed lunch. Think about tomatoes, purple carrots, red peppers, tomato sauce, strawberries, raspberries, and red apples…you can also add color with the help of red accessories for the final touch.

We look forward to discovering your take on Valentine’s Day lunch! Find more Valentine’s lunchbox hack by browsing the ideas on Teuko.com and show us what you do by uploading a photo. If you want to make a little gift for this special day, check out our selection of Best Valentine’s Lunchbox Accessories. More ideas and tips by searching Valentine’s Day on the Blog!

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