Best Valentine’s Lunchbox Accessories

The Valentine’s lunchbox ideas that we found on Teuko inspired us with easy ways to pack fun Valentine’s day lunch for kids by simply using the right Valentine’s lunchbox accessories. Food picks, silicon baking cups, food cutters, kitchen tools, lunchbox notes…what new accessory will you get this year?

Food Picks

The easiest way to bring some love in your kid’s lunchbox for Valentine’s Day is to use heart food picks

These very cute glittery hearts and stars will easily add a magical touch in your Valentine’s lunchbox!
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Love food picks. Great for Valentine's Day bento lunch boxes for kids.

Make mini skewers of strawberries or tomatoes with these food picks, and tada! your Valentine’s Day lunchbox is ready!
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Colorful and eco-friendly, these heart bamboo sticks are a great addition in a Valentine’s Day lunchbox!
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These heart food picks are like very cute mini forks that will perfectly pair with heart shaped strawberries!
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Silicon Baking Cups

Heart-shaped, red and pink baking cups are a must-have year-round.

These heart shaped silicon baking cup will bring a vibrant touch to your Valentine’s Day lunchbox!
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Food Cutters

 Include edible food messages or edible hearts for making a special Valentine’s Day the easy and fast way! Mini alphabet cutters and cookie cutters exist in every shape and every size!

No knife skill needed! Your strawberries will look lovely thanks to this very cool heart shape cutter!
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A cookie cutter set that will help you get hearts any size in your Valentine’s Day Lunchbox!
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L.O.V.E. sandwiches or pancakes is an explicit way to show that you care!
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These mini alphabet cutters will help you cut love messages out of fruits and vegetables too!
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Kitchen Tools

Heart waffles and chocolates are the number 1 treats to think of when you pack your kid’s lunchbox for Valentine’s Day! A little heart-shaped chocolate pairs very well with pear, mandarin, or even… heart-shaped strawberries!

The Lunchbox Notes

The simplest, the best. Always! So you can just pack a sandwich and an extra note full of love, handmade or printed lunchbox card, will be the little extra for this special day!

We look forward to discovering your take on Valentine’s Day lunch! Find more Valentine’s lunchbox hack by browsing the ideas on and show us what you do by uploading a photo. If you want to make a little gift for this special day, check our Amazon’s Best Under $10 Lunchbox Gift Guide!

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