10 Best Halloween Lunchbox Accessories for Happy Kids' School Lunches

10 Best Halloween Lunchbox Accessories for Happy Kids’ School Lunches

Back-to-School is over and the next big seasonal event that makes kids super excited is Halloween! How can we easily make the countdown fun and happy in October while packing lunches? Lunchbox accessories help a lot! Discover the list we curated for you with the 10 best Halloween lunchbox accessories for making happier kids’ school lunches!

1 – Black Cat Food Picks

Black cats food picks for kids bento lunch boxes
Kids bento lunchbox with back cat food picks for celebrating Halloween

Do you remember the black cat in Hocus Pocus, Thackery Binx? Black cat food picks put here and there on top of the foods, as done by our Teuko Friend @Metchosinmomsmenu, make the lunchbox so spooky-licious! Get yours now – only $8.99 on Amazon.

2 – Monsters and Ghosts Food Picks by Torune

Ghosts and monsters food picks by Torune for Halloween
Kids bento school lunch box with Torune ghosts food picks for Halloween

Torune is a reference in the lunchbox world families who pack lunches can’t miss. Look at the orange lunch packed by @Jessica. With super cute designs, the monsters and ghosts food picks by Torune add Halloween vibes easily! Available on Amazon at $6.50.

3 – Halloween Food Picks with Bats, Spiders, Jack O’ Lanterns, and more!

Paper food picks for Halloween with spiders ghosts jack o lantern witch hat bat
Plastic food picks for Halloween with ghosts jack o lanterns spiders skulls bats
Kid lunchbox ideas with paper food picks celebrating halloween

Whether you like paper food picks, like our Teuko Friend @Lunchwithmine, or plastic food picks, you can create in a jiffy an awesome Halloween festival in your kid’s lunchbox, with bats, Jack O’ Lanterns, witch hats, spiders, and ghosts! Available on Amazon – $10.99 for the plastic food picks and $6.99 for the paper food picks.

4 – Halloween Sprinkles and Candy Eyeballs

Halloween sprinkles
Green lunchbox idea for kids celebrating Halloween

Add some Halloween sprinkles on top of yogurt or, like our Teuko Friend @learningandlovingtolunch did for her kid’s lunchbox, candy eyeballs on top of green grapes, and done! That’s how easy it can be to create a Halloween lunchbox! The Halloween sprinkles and candy eyeballs are available on Amazon at $12.95.

5. Halloween-shaped Cookie Cutters

Halloween shaped cookie cutters
Mini sandwiches in a kid bento lunchbox celebrating Halloween
Halloween cookie cutters
Ghost shaped sandwich thanks to cookie cutter in a kid bento lunchbox

Halloween-shaped cookie cutters are the perfect tools that will allow you to transform a classic sandwich into a fun one! As our Teuko Friend @kiddielunchbox did for her kid’s lunch that as a ghost-shaped sandwich, you can add some details to your sandwich by using edible ink markers, and done! Easy, right? Ann Clark’s Halloween stainless steel cookie cutters are available on Amazon at $10.99. Wilton’s cookie Halloween cutters are available on Amazon at $14.95. Edible ink markers are available on Amazon at $13.45.

6. Festive Halloween Napkins

Halloween paper napkins
A kid bento lunchbox with Halloween paper napkin on the side

That may be the easiest way to pack Halloween vibes in your kid’s lunch bag: just add a festive Halloween napkin! Our Teuko Friend @surviving_schoollunches made the effort to prepare a beautifully decorated lunchbox, but we noticed also the nice designs of a Halloween paper napkin she put on the side! Discover a great collection of Halloween napkins in the Teuko Amazon Store.

7. Spooky forks and spoons

Stainless steel skull Halloween spoons
Bones-shaped plastic cutlery perfect for Halloween
A kid lunch box with black cutlery for celebrating halloween

With their cool and unique designs, these stainless steel spoons or the plastic bone-shaped fork and spoons will surely add fun spooky vibes during your kid’s lunchtime! Our Teuko Friend @lunches_by_lindsay chose to add a black spork to her kid’s lunchbox and that does perfectly the trick!

8. Halloween Cupcake Liners

Halloween cupcake liners
A kid bento school lunch celebrating Halloween with cupcakes

Black, orange, green, or purple, with spooky designs or not, the cupcake liners surely bring Halloween vibes easily into the lunchbox! Discover all the collections we curated for you in our Teuko Amazon Store – some cupcake liners are as cheap as $4!

9. Halloween Lunchbox Notes and Jokes

Halloween lunchbox notes and jokes
A kid bento lunchbox celebrating Halloween with lunchbox note

Whether you pack an artful Halloween lunchbox like the one that @One Love Bento created or not, there is actually no recipe or ingredient required for this fun Halloween treat to put in your kids’ lunchbox! Some Halloween lunchbox notes are available on Amazon, starting at $7.99. Get yours now!

10. Boo-tiful Halloween lunchboxes and lunch bags

Halloween lunch boxes and lunch bags

The ultimate move to add Halloween vibes around lunch packing and lunchtime is to somehow think outside the box, and use boo-tiful Halloween lunchboxes and lunch bags during the month of October! Have a look at the accessories we curated in our Teuko Amazon Store!

We hope you enjoyed this selection of the 10 best Halloween lunchbox accessories for happier kids’ school lunches.

For more inspiration, check out our list of 26 Halloween lunchbox ideas, as well as the video tutorials crafted by lunchbox moms for other lunchbox moms and dads. These articles will show you how you can easily upgrade your kid’s lunchbox this Halloween season! Happy Halloween!

Disclaimer: As Amazon’s affiliate company, if you buy some products from some links inserted in the text of this blog post, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale. Any feedback? Email us at contact@teuko.com


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