26 Easy Halloween Kids’ Lunch Box Ideas

Are you looking for Halloween ideas and tricks for spook-tacular lunch boxes? Follow the guide! We’ve curated for you very cool Halloween lunchbox ideas from the Teuko community. So, let the Halloween spirit in, make it simple, but make it fun!  

Boo-licious Ghosts

The creativity of our lunchbox community amazes us! Here different ways to add a little bit of spookiness with boo-licious ghosts:

Takupapa and Im_bento_ni_van used rice and seaweed to create awesome cute ghosts in their kid’s lunch boxes. A little piece of cheddar for yellow-ish eyes, and a very fine slice of tomato or red bell pepper will make you a dashing delicious ghost!

– Draw two eyes and a smile on marshmallows with an edible pen and tada! your ghost appeared in the lunchbox in seconds!

Any78 and Jessica preferred using a cookie cutter to make very cool sandwiches in a snap!

Potato and vegetable chips with the shape of ghosts and bats are another easy way to add some Halloween fun in your kid’s lunchbox! 😉

Bats, Spiders and Monsters

You can use potato or vegetable chips to easily add some crunchy bats in your kid’s lunchbox. But here are some other terrific ideas shared by parents on Teuko:

– Two black olives, cut and assemble them in 1 minute… and you get wonderful spiders on top of your kid’s pizza!

Lunches_by_lindsay shared 3 spider ideas in one lunchbox!
First, you can use a round cookie cutter and few pretzel sticks to make an adorable spider sandwich.
Then, for dessert, a date and dried raisins assembled on wooden toothpicks.
Last, few plastic spiders here and there as decoration!

– Only few Halloween stickers here and there or a napkin with a bat or a spider on it, and you’re all set! Easy tricks, right? 😉

– Not in the mood for cookie cutters? Not a bid deal. See how Fannyj and Parkfamilylunchbox created delicious monster sandwiches with pieces of salad, cheese and ham put here and there, and two pieces of a sliced olive.

Mummies and Skeletons

Haunters with bones are another delicious way to celebrate Halloween in your kid’s lunch box!

– Wrap a hot dog sausage with puff pastry or crescent roll, and you get wonderful mummies like the ones shared by Blaxzig and Lunches_by_lindsay!

– Few strings of a cheese stick on top of a pizza or a sandwich, a few pair of eyes with olives or lunchbox food picks, and the mummy returns in your kid’s lunchbox! We like Ayaanslunchtoday lunch ideas, check it out.

– Beet in your homemade sushis will make fantastic bleeding bones!

– Get cool skeletons by using only the white of a fried egg and seaweed – an original idea here from Takupapa.

– Last but not least, simply cut your sliced bread with the shape of a skull, and your PB&J will be totally cool!


Lunches_by_lindsay and Takupapa simply carved two eyes and a mouth in roasted slices of pumpkin, sweet mini bell peppers, or in slices of carrot, and the Jack-o’-lanterns invaded their kid’s lunchbox!

– Mandarins are easy to transform into pumpkins. Wait, we’re not making a Cinderella’s theme lunchbox here… so draw a scary smile, and it will be an amazing Jack-o’-lantern! 😉

– Here again, a cookie cutter or a baking mold will do the trick! See how So_cute_lunches, kochen_backen_Bento_packen, and Parkfamilylunch totally transformed regular sandwiches into magical ones!

Happy Halloween! Head to Teuko.com for more ideas. And don’t forget to show us what you do by uploading a photo.

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