Pizza Pinwheels by Aileen

Lunch packing is always easier when you can cook food in batch. Aileen has been packing lunch for her 5 yo son in Netherlands. She is sharing with you one easy recipe that is a perfect fit for every lunchbox!

How to make this Pizza Pinwheels

1- Ingredients: puff pastry, grated cheese, pizza sauce.

2- Spread with pizza sauce and grated cheese.

3- Roll and cut.

4- Bake until they are golden brown. Oven 375°F.

What we like about this easy recipe is that you can customize with any of your favorite cheese or food. What would spread on the puff pastry? Show us by sharing with us in comment below or with hashtag #teuko on our social channels.

Pizza Pinwheels by @Bento.Aileen

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How do you like this easy recipe? Submit recipes you like to use to simplify your daily lunch packing routine. We want to know!


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