Boost your creativity with Aileen

Meet Aileen, a young single mom sharing lunchbox ideas with our Community from Netherlands. She packs creative lunches for her 5 year old son, Jayden.

Aileen likes to pack lunches in the evening, right after dinner. She is a planner. She plans her meals and the food she needs every Sunday, so that she can go grocery shopping for the week on Mondays.

Her son Jayden is also of good help as he usually let her know what he would like to eat. She also uses a chalkboard in the kitchen where she makes sure to write down any idea that may occur for a theme so that she doesn’t forgot about it.

Benefits of tracking with Teuko

Aileen likes the diversity of lunches, all in one place with Teuko. You can find her ideas under the alias @Bento.Aileen.

The best benefit I get from Teuko is helping me planning ahead of time, especially when I have no inspiration! Being able to upload and track what you pack, then save your kid’s favorites allows to look back at these favorites when missing ideas! Or you can even let your kid pick within your history!

Bento.Aileen – Aileen’s Profile on

Favorite Lunch Accessories

When I do pack themed lunch boxes, I really like to use the Yumbox Panino container because it has a lot of space. I’m also fan of the Little Lunchbox co. For accessories, I love the Lunch Punch cutters: they’re easy to use and so much fun.

My kid loves his Camelbak water bottle because he gets to bite on the straw to drink.

Favorite Lunchbox Ideas

Aileen’s Favorite Lunchbox Idea
This is my absolute favorite lunchbox! It looks much more difficult than it was to make.

Are you ready to transform your lunchbox experience? Create your free account on and start tracking your lunchbox ideas today!


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