How to send handwritten notes in bulk easily

Many families of the Teuko Lunchbox Community include handwritten lunchbox notes in their kids’ lunch boxes. Writing a note or a letter is a way to show care and love. At that scale, just one small handwritten note, it’s pretty easy and fast, and it adds that magic touch for the one who receives it.

As you may want to say thank you for the good wishes you received for the Holiday season, or as you want to wish a Happy New Year to many of your family members, friends, or even customers… imagine you have to send handwritten notes to all these people! When writing to 40-50 loved ones every year for sending the New Year cards, it takes a whole day… and a sore hand at the end of the process!

And we just mentioned the Holidays and the New Year, but do you realize that there are many occasions, every year, like birthday invitations, Valentine’s Day, graduations… 

Sure, sending an email is an easy way to communicate these days… You can create a template and only change the name at the beginning… but don’t you think it removes the magic you can have with handwritten notes?

Handwrytten is the best of both worlds! That’s what we discovered: it is, indeed, very cool for sending handwritten notes in bulk!

handwrytten allows you to send handwritten notes in bulks

In 4 easy steps, Handwrytten does the magic! First, you choose the type of card you want to send. There are over 100 designs to choose from and, the cherry on top, if there are no designs that fit your taste, there is the possibility to customize a card! Second, you choose the handwriting style… and that’s where it’s the most fascinating! Indeed, you can choose handwriting styles that are available from the Handwrytten selection, or, for more authenticity on the cards you’ll send, you share a sample of your handwriting and then, Handwytten is capable, for your card, to recreate your handwriting! Then, you type your text, once and for all, and Handwrytten’s robots will do the work! They’ll write your cards, with the handwriting style you chose, with ballpoint pens! Lastly, for your cards to be sent, again, you have the choice: you can import your contacts (or share them via a spreadsheet), and since Hanwrytten is a company located in Phoenix, all notes are mailed from there, and, consequently,  the postmark would be from Phoenix. But, for even more authenticity, if you don’t want the postmark from Phoenix, Handwritten can always ship notes back to you to drop in the mail from your location. Either way concerning this final step, getting handwritten notes at scale is pretty cool!

You can get more info about  “How to Sign and Send Greeting Cards Online“ in this blog post:

And there are many more resources to discover, like the practical “How to Address and Stamp an Envelope“, revealing how important is the art of writing and sending a note or a letter!

How will you communicate with your family and friends this year? Are you ready to send handwritten greeting cards online? Let us know in the comments!

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