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Learn How Pamela Thrives at Packing 4 Kids’ Lunches Every Day!

Pamela, @Lunchformytribe, lives in Florida. She is packing 4 lunch boxes every day for her tribe including her kids and her nieces aged 3 yo, 6 yo, 8 yo, and 9 yo. This implies a wide range of needs and preferences in terms of favorite foods and lunchbox containers. After already almost 5 years into the lunch packing game, Pamela is now sharing tips to make it work every day while packing fun lunches that every kid will eat!

How do you make it work in your busy schedule every day?

The key for me is Sunday preparation. I do plan all the lunches for the week on sunday so that I know exactly which food to buy, and I am faster at packing.

Pamela @lunchformytribe

Pamela’s secret weapon: laminated lunchbox templates that she found for every lunchbox container that she has. These help her get organized, plan in advance, and involve the kids in picking the food they would like for the week.

Shopping online via Instacart simplifies grocery shopping since all the food can be ordered and delivered in a day or less.

Pamela’s Bento Box

What is your best lunchbox hack?

Prepping is essential! Planning on Sundays changes everything. Cutting, designing, and packing the lunches take less than 15 min every day because the planning has already been done.

I also make sure to have the kids’ favorite food at hand for days when the inspiration is low and quick snacks to fill up the lunchbox quickly. Some favorites are strawberries, grapes, cheese, and pretzels.

I use Teuko to upload my lunches so I can inspire others in the Teuko Community. What I like best about Teuko is the wide range variety of lunches other users pack. It gives me ideas of what to pack and helps me in trying new foods for the kids. 

What are your favorite lunchbox containers?

#1 Yumbox.

#2 Omiebox.

#3 Bentgo

1- Yumbox. She has been using Yumbox containers since 2018 and loves them because they are sturdy, easy to open for young kids and offer lots of compartments.

2- Omiebox. Omiebox is an option she likes for its insulated container.

3- Bentgo comes with a built-in ice pack. Also easy to open and the compartments are of a good size for young kids like my 3 yo.

What are the essentials that you would recommend for 1st-time lunchbox packers?

You don’t need many accessories, but cute food picks like animal food picks and cutters can definitely help.

What is your kids’ favorite lunchbox idea so far?

Pamela’s kids’ favorite lunch idea: Waffles with cute mini panda!

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