Organization Tips by Isabelle

Meet Isabelle, the mom and teacher behind @yummylunchboxes. Isabelle has been living in Gracemere in Australia. She is packing lunches and snacks every day for her 2 children, a 12 yo boy and a 10 yo daughter. After years of practices, she has set up a very organized lunchbox routine that removed all the struggle about packing school lunches. Check out her best hacks.
Isabelle’s Profile on “I love the themed lunches and the idea that people can upload their lunches on a dedicated platform”

Tell us all about your unique lunchbox routine.

I have always packed lunch for my kids to go to school. I used to pack lunches in the morning in the first years, but getting back to work forced me into more organization and planning. I now have a routine that allows me to limit the preparation during weekdays.

I’ve come to split the whole lunch-packing process into 3 different steps:

1- Batch cooking during the school holidays, because it’s when I get some free time too. I would batch cook and freeze 2 recipes per day (one salty, one sweet). From quiches, meat pies, to cookies, muffins… It takes about 1 week to fill up the freezer.
2- Weekend prep: washing and cutting fruits and veggies, cooking hard-boiled eggs. This is about 2h per weekend.
3- Packing 2 days of snacks and lunches at once in the evening.

The whole preparation ahead makes it faster and easier on weekdays. Also, the kids have everything they need at hand to make their lunch boxes themselves if they want to.

What are your favorites accessories?

We love cute eye picks, leaf picks, or leaf dividers to help separate the food. And are a very big fan of My Munchboxes.

Eyes and Leaf Food Picks
My Munchbox Australian bento boxes

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