Lunchboxforlulu’s Creativity and Tips

Across the Atlantic Ocean, in the Suffolk, an East Anglian county of ancient origin in England, Jayne, aka Lunchboxforlulu packs lunch boxes for her two children. Jayne packs colorful and cute lunchbox ideas and she shares them on as she is looking for inspiration and an opportunity to inspire others too. Get to know her, enjoy her story!

Hi Lunchboxforlulu! Our guess is that you pack for… Lulu? Who is Lulu.

The lunchbox photos I share are mostly from my 11 year old daughter’s lunches, Lulu. Sometimes I post my 7 year old son’s lunches but he is very fussy and tends to eat the same things daily!

Teuko Lunchbox Community - Lunchboxforlulu's bento lunchbox for her kid. England theme.

You have two kids, quite a busy schedule… How do you make it work every day?

I tend to make the lunches while I’m making dinner in the evening. I spend about 15 minutes preparing but I usually already have a plan in my mind of what I’ll be doing.

Any specific hack that you could share with the community to help them improve their own lunch packing experience?

I think about the themes I want to do before I go grocery shopping to ensure I have everything I need. Some things like cucumber and cheese are always handy to have in the fridge. I also have lots of cookie cutters which I use for making pretty shapes.

Cookie cutters are so easy and funny to use, and they create awesome results in our kids’ packed lunches indeed! Which ones are your favorites?

I have lots of different shapes and sizes so that I can use them on fruit, vegetables and sandwiches. My favorites are a simple star or a heart cutter.

And among the lunchbox ideas you prepared using cookie cutters, which one is your favorite?

The Harry Potter Themed Lunch Idea!

Teuko Lunchbox Community - Lunchboxforlulu's Harry Potter bento lunch box for kids.

The Harry Potter Themed Lunch Idea

by @lunchboxforlulu on

This lunchbox is fantastic indeed! The owl cookie cutter made a perfect Hedwig sandwich! And, in addition to the three delightful cookies representing Harry, Ron, and Hermione, we love also how you transformed easily the golden plum in a Golden Snitch, just by adding two small paper wings on it!

What do you love about Teuko that you would like to share with all the lunchbox moms and dads dreading the return of the lunchbox?

I love the diversity of country members, which means that lots of different foods and ideas are in one place for easy access and research.

Thank you so much, Jayne! It’s a real pleasure to have you among all of us on! We look forward to discovering your next lunchbox ideas.

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