How to make colorful and yummy sandwiches easily

The internet is overflowing with amazing tips and we spotted this wonderful short video from the Instagram user @farm_ohshita, showing how to make colorful and yummy sandwiches in a very easy way. She suggests 3 easy steps that can help revamp any of your classic sandwiches.

Step 1 – Choose 2 slices of bread you like

In the video, we can see that it’s simply two slices of white bread. But you can choose sliced multigrain bread, brioche, baguette, English muffin… the choice is yours!

Toast your slices of bread if you want.

Then place the first slice of bread on top of a large plastic wrap (you need enough plastic wrap to wrap totally your sandwich later).

Step 2 – Just combine 3… maximum 4 foods!

How? Easy!

  • The first food item is the “leafy” one: a few leaves of romaine salad or of spinach for instance.
  • On top of the leaves, you add the “creamy” item: it can be mayonnaise, tapenade (black olive spread), artichoke spread…
  • Then, you add the “proteins”: it can be a sliced hard boiled egg, salmon, even fried chicken or shrimp tempuras!
  • And last, you add the “crunchy” foods: slices of tomatoes, of cucumbers, green beans… Place them in a “vertical way” (You’ll see how important this is in the next step).

Step 3 – Stack, pack, and slice!

Cover with the last slice of bread.

Wrap firmly the sandwich.

Then, with the help of a sharpie, trace an arrow the “horizontal” way on the plastic wrap: the line of the arrow will indicate you how to cut the sandwich in half! It’s very convenient when you pack several sandwiches at the same time!

And tada! You’re done!

Sandwich Recipe by @farm_ohshita

How do you like this easy and fun recipe curated for you by the Teuko teams? Any other recipe idea to submit? Tell us in a comment or by email.

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