The back-to-school bento idea by @thatlunchboxmom on

5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Lunchbox Inspiration (Back-to-School Lunch Ideas)

Are you looking for inspiration to get started with lunch packing? Or simply wondering where to find the motivation to just do it? Find below a round up of 5 different and popular ways that lunchbox moms use to power their creativity and lunch packing routine.

1- Cut-outs and fun shapes

Food cutters and fun shapes can make all the difference. They are also the number one lunchbox hack favored by families in our community. See popular sandwich cutters, fruits and veggie cutters by checking the Teuko Store on Amazon.

Below is a lunchbox creation shared with you on by Noemie, @funkytartines.

Fun Shapes make a statement in that lunchbox by @funkytartines on
Fun shapes make a statement in that lunchbox by @funkytartines on

2- Favorite movie or character

Inspiration is everywhere. Ask your children what is their favorite movie, game or character, and you’ll get there new ideas to assemble the food in the lunchbox or to re-master your same old sandwich.

Harry Potter Lunchbox by @lunchatnoone on
Harry Potter Lunchbox by @lunchatnoone on

Harry Potter fans will appreciate this awesome themed lunch shared recently with us on Teuko by @lunchatnoone. Check out Teuko and search for the character of your choice. You will find tons of ways to introduce a theme in the lunchbox.

3- Add Colored Food choices

We will never say this enough – kids eat with their eyes. Rainbow lunches are not only a wonderful way to vary the food you give, but also an efficient way to get the children to enjoy trying the food you give them. Fruits and veggies offer many possibilities all year round. So, simply take this detail into consideration when shopping – vary the ingredients, vary the colors.

4- New and Fun Recipe

When you feel tired about cooking always the same old recipe, have a look at all the how-tos from the community on the blog. You’ll find fun and easy recipes to jazz up your lunchbox in no time. The creativity of our community has no limit. Find below a beautiful example with the Hidden Burger Buns, a twist from Filio, @abc_lunchies.

5- Holidays and seasonal themes

Themed-lunch are very popular on We are always amazed to see how the season and holidays inspire you all. Escape with this airplane lunch created by @kidscantwaitforlunch, a great introduction for any weekend or coming vacation seemed to us a perfect introduction to the weekend ahead.

Airplane lunchbox by @kidscantwautforlunch
Airplane lunchbox by @kidscantwautforlunch

We hope that you will find here a way to boost your inspiration when ever the energy will be low. You can also just connect to and see what’s new, or trendy. In any case, you are not alone: connect to our amazing community on or via Instagram – no doubt you will always find an idea you like that will help you get started!

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