5 Pasta Ideas For The Lunchbox

Finding the time and the energy to pack lunches that are nutritious enough to keep our growing kids fueled all day can be a challenge, unless you accept to keep it simple. Pasta lunch is an option we don’t give credit enough. Making pasta doesn’t require any cooking skill and is always fun. They can be prepared ahead, and can be eaten cold or warm. Truth is that it doesn’t even take much to turn this kid’s favorite food into healthy, colorful and fun lunches. So, drop the guilt, and enjoy these 5 delicious and kid-friendly pasta lunch ideas curated for you from the Teuko lunchbox community.

#1 Mac and Cheese Balls

Elevate your regular mac and cheese by making balls. Theses small bites are also a smart way to make it easier for young kids, or any fussy eater, to eat their lunch.

#2 Pasta Salad

When cooking pasta, always make a big batch because this is the key for you to prepare lunch faster throughout the week. We like to make salads with our leftovers of pasta. The best part about a pasta salad is how easy it is to custom to your taste while keeping it balanced. Add some cheese and a veggie of your choice, and you’re all set!

ProTip: To keep your pasta salad at its freshest, reserve the dressing in a small container so that your kid can mix it all right before eating. This trick really changes it all. Give it a try.

#3 Pasta Soup

Orzo never looked more appetizing for our kids than in a soup. They would eat this every day. The key to send this to school is to find the right container that will keep it warm. Also make sure you pour enough broth inside to have broth left at lunchtime.

@justine.whenfrancemeetsusa used her @omielifeinc to send a pasta soup to her kids’ school.

#4 Pasta Meatballs

If you only have a few minutes to pack a satisfying lunch, you will never go wrong with bolognese, or even better, meatballs pasta. It’s a hit on every restaurant menu, make it one of your to-go lunches.

See how appetizing look this lunchbox by @myrahbentobox. Welcome simple and real foods.


#5 Pasta Skewers

If you follow Teuko on Instagram or read our weekly inspiration newsletters, you must know how fan we are about the skewered food. Skewers are such an incredibly easy way to make food in the lunchbox entertaining. We love the simplicity and the creativity they allow. They are also one of our favorite tricks to get any picky eater to taste new food, or simply eat his lunch when the temptation to go and play is high. So, gather some of your kids’ favorite food, thread all of your ingredients onto a stick, and show us what you end up with!

Need inspiration for ingredients to add to your pasta skewers? Enjoy this lunch idea from @bento.aileen. We like also to use Olives, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Steamed Broccoli, Mushrooms and any cheese available.

Pasta skewers by @bento.aileen on Teuko.com

For more pasta lunch inspiration, head to Teuko.com and search the food ingredients or themed lunch you like! Any other pasta ideas that your kids love for lunch? Make sure to leave a comment below or share your lunchbox photo on Teuko.com, we want to know! .


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