Introducing The Teuko Lunchbox Card

How do you get your kids to eat their lunch? What food do you give them ? What lunch container do you use? Which water bottle?
These are popular questions that keep going on whether it’s at the school drop offs or on social media. Questions that Teuko wants answer easily with its free platform and unique lunchbox cards. Kid-approved lunch ideas. Ingredients. Accessories used. Inspiration. See how you can find all the information you need in one place with Teuko!

Kid-approved lunchbox ideas

Teuko allows busy families to connect, and to find and share lunchbox ideas matching their needs and preferences. Go and have a look at what just came in on by browsing the feed. Upload and share lunchbox ideas of your own, and you’ll get more inspiration in the feed matching the food you use, your kid’s age…

Detailed lunchbox cards

Did you find a lunch idea that you liked? Click and open the lunchbox card to check all the informations about it!

Sample of Lunchbox Card on Teuko, by @kidsfunlunchbox
In this Lunchbox Card on, we can discover all the food ingredients, accessories, themes, and notes shared by @kidsfunlunchbox.

For every lunchbox idea uploaded on, you can get:

  • the food ingredients used, with the ability to send any ingredient you want in your Amazon shopping cart with the “Show Now” button,
  • the lunchbox accessories used,
  • theme tags for lunch boxes featuring common holidays, seasons or interests (back-to-school, spring season, colored themed lunch, a cuisine, kids’ favorite characters…),
  • and additional infos like title, personal notes, tips, and extra link to a recipe or a personal blog.

Filters to sort all the ideas

What we love about these very detailed lunchbox cards is that they make it possible for anyone, anytime, to retrieve an idea in few seconds. Go and check out the SEARCH PAGE. You can sort the lunch ideas on Teuko by using several filters:

  • by food you like,
  • by theme you want,
  • by people you want to get inspiration from,
  • by date,
  • and, coming soon, by accessories (Make sure to sign up to the newsletter to get notified as soon as the feature is released.)
The Teuko Search Tool helps get bento lunch inspiration in a snap! By foods ingredients themes or friends and soon by accessories! Give it a try!
Search Page to sort the ideas by food, theme, people, or date.

Ready to transform your lunch packing experience?Join the community Teuko (signup free). You’ll be able to find and share lunch ideas that your kids love, and you will receive our weekly ideas and tips to boost your inspiration and your motivation, one lunchbox at a time!

Want to support what we do? If you shop your food or lunch accessories via our Amazon affiliated links featured in the lunchbox cards, you help maintain Teuko totally free AND you enable us to bring always more fun by organizing more challenges and giveaways!


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